Three Minutes to Happiness by Sally Clements

Three Minutes to Happiness (The Logan Series, Book 2)

Reviewed by Desere

This was such a fun, hot and crazy sexy little read of how three minutes of speed dating can open up the path to romance of the forever kind.

The read starts off with Valentine Jones not being able to say no to her always the romantic friend Maggie, and let's herself be dragged off to a round of speed dating.

During the course of the evening Val ends up with the very delectable Finn, who by the way is not there to pick up woman but to chaperone his niece against the wolves of the speed dating world.

They instantly click and Val ticks yes on the call back card, but Finn never calls. Val is understandably confused as he did flirt with her so he obviously likes her so why does he not call?

Deciding it best to get over it and get going Val files the issue in the back of her mind, until Finn comes her way again when they both attend his cousin's wedding.

Of course Val is looking for an explanation and Finn tries to explain but instead he ends up kissing Val senseless leaving her in a melting puddle of lust, still confused but, who is going to complain when a hot man kisses you senseless, no woman ever!

They soon start up a hot and passionate affair, but Val has learned her lesson from a previous broken marriage and to her this is all just a bit of fun , Finn however wants forever and he will stop at nothing to get it, until a party at this parents house takes things from easy going to run as fast as you can.

I really love Sally Clements books, they are always fun, fresh and exciting. This read was all that and more. The characters were the sort of crazy fun that has you laughing over and over. The scenarios dreamed up by the author were so much fun to read it had me in a whirlwind of emotions, crazy, sexy, fun and so emotionally touching it totally blew me away.

The author kept my attention and all through the read I could not wait for the bomb to drop and see what exactly the author will do to make it work for the hero and heroine, I was so not disappointed, the ending could not have been more perfect!

I'm recommending this read for all fans of romance, like myself you will after just one read discover yourself hopelessly addicted to this author's books!

5/5 star review
"Who needs three minutes when you can have a lifetime"