A Week In Milan by Aimee Duffy

A Week in Milan

Reviewed by Desere 

There is no woman that would say no to a trip to the stunning Milan, and if you're a fashion designer there is no chance at all that you would say no.

So when the heroine Amanda gets the chance grabs at it as fast as her seriously hot and very gay friend Cody can advise her to do so, the fact that she is concerned about leaving her son alone for a week is nothing near as hard to imagine as the fact that she would need to spend the week with Gio, who happens to be the man in each and everyone of her very dirty fantasies.

But once there Gio is reluctant to sleep with Amanda even after she tells him it will be no stings attached sex. Of course one man can only resist a beautiful woman for so long and ultimately he caves telling Amanda no stings sex it is but never anything more, but Amanda can tell he is holding back and she is desperate to discover the reason.

Only Gio has no intention of ever telling her even after he realizes he has fallen in love with her. Amanda also soon realizes that it has gone from no stings to completely attached, but with Gio not talking and instead walking away it seems she has once again fallen for the wrong man and just like the first time around her heart has been ripped to shreds.

This author has a way of making her books so scorching hot it seems the pages just want to go up in flames with every word written. Flames aside she also always manages to create stunning, realistic characters and set against such romantic backdrops it oozes sexiness, romance and passion.

All of this was once again found in this read and I loved it to bits! Vivid descriptions, stunning romance and extremely hot sex! The read had a little bit of everything every romance readers seeks in a perfect escape into romance.

I'm taking away a message of as parents we have a major influence on our children, so stop and think before you speak, advise, insult or fault your children for you might just be the reason they turn out to be lost souls.

4.5 star review
"Caution: Dressing for sex will lead to falling in love"