Emerald Springs Legacy Series Book Two : Coleen's Choice by Holley Trent

Colleen's Choice

Reviewed by Desere

We have all done a little something simply because we feel we have no other choice. We tell ourselves this is for the best, there is no other way, this can work no, this will work.

Whatever motivation you use to talk yourself into it, does not matter. The point that does matter is if you will be ready to face it when it plays a turn around on you and slaps you so far off your original plan, you can't begin to remember why you ever thought there was no other choice.

In this read from author Holley Trent she tells of Coleen. Coleen has been watching her father fritter away the family farm for years, but it is her turn now to take it from slum to glam, however as we all now to do this it takes money and lots of it.

Now any normal woman would go and get a loan, or even just work much longer and harder than they thought they ever would, but the character from this book does the opposite, she marries a stranger!

The man of the hour or savior of the farm is Alan. He is all for helping Coleen but he holds hidden the real reason he is there, and when the bomb drops Coleen realizes she might just have made the worst choice of her entire life.

I loved this book from start to end, the characters were vibrant and full of life. The author told a stunning story of people making the choices they think are best and then the sometimes shocking results that stem from those choices.

Through the characters I learned that most of the time we think there truly is no other choice or excuse for our choices, however if we are brave enough to make the choices we need to remember we have to be man enough to handle the consequences.

I recommend this read for all fans of romance reads that show the heartache and beauty that can come from when the right and wrong choices are made.

5/5 star review
" They made their choices now to learn to live with them?"