The Right Side of Mr Wrong by Jane Linfoot

The Right Side of Mr Wrong

Reviewed by Desere

All of us has a jealous streak that at the worst of times comes out of hiding and ruins a situation for us so badly that gracefully recovering from it,  is something that will simply never happen.

Even worse is afterwards when we realize we could have dealt with our jealously in a complete different manner and avoided a mess so much more shameful then when we accidentally exist the bathroom and along comes our undergarments on display for all to see!

In this new read from author Jane Linfoot she takes us into the world of Brando. He's rich, extremely melt my heart attractive but he his also cautions of gold diggers. So of course when Shea shows up single and hopeful he goes into full defense mode.

But when a little slip or rather breath of fresh air brings her underwear out to play, Brando cannot control himself. Only when he gets close enough does he realize he is jealous of her past relationship and no matter what he does he simply cannot get over it.

This read was fun and delightful at times and other times very emotional. The author packed great emotion into her characters and showed them both as lost souls each having this issue from the past that actually is not really that big of an issue but it's what hold them back from each other. For when placed into perspective it can be overcome and thus holding onto it only prolongs the despair.

I liked that the author gave each character a flaw , but that the flaws simply added to their uniqueness. Through the characters the author showed just how badly things can turn when we hang onto an issue from the past instead of letting it go and trying to stay open minded when facing a new challenge.

I am recommending this book for any fan of romance that likes love found stories mixed with that little something special by an author that will make you wan to throw up your skirts, show off your kickers all in the name of finding a love just as special as Brando and Shea.

4.5 star review
" Living on the wrong side of love has never been more beautiful"