The Dangers of Dating Dr. Carvalho by Tina Beckett

 The Dangers Of Dating Dr Carvalho

Reviewed by Desere

Whenever I think about people growing up poor, and then pulling themselves up from the slumps to become successful I always think how remarkable they are.

Not once does the thought of them being ashamed enter my mind, I mean if it were me I would be proud that I had achieved success regardless of how poor I grew up.

But of course if it is not you , then we don't really know and in the new read from Tina Beckett she shows just how much of an impact a life of poverty can have on even the most successful of people out there.

The book tells of totally delicious knock my socks off Lucas and how after ending up in hospital with gunshot wounds changes his life.

When the painkillers clear he sees Sophia, something about her is familiar yet he cannot with certainty say he knows her. Their connection soon grows to one far more emotional and intimate, yet Lucas is holding back on bringing himself as far as admitting this is the woman he has been searching for all his life.  He would rather leave her in Brazil just like he had his life of poverty all those years ago.

The character of Lucas was so, so very sad. My heart truly broke for this man. When I look at people like him that have all the wealth they need yet they hold on to their past and this causes them to be blinded to what is really important it life it just makes me so very sad, and yes you can bet I cried my eyes out. But through this character the author taught me a valuable lesson. Just because someone manged to make it to the top from which ever hell hole they manage to escape from it does not mean they are not scarred to dare when coming face to face with something they never truly had before. And they do need that little extra push to spin them into the right direction, however patience is the key.

The character of Sophia was so absolutely beautiful !  I love her gusty spunk that popped up every now and then. Her insecurities touched my heart and soul. I honestly wanted to just sit her down and tell her to not worry and just trust and believe. Through this character the author truly showed that beauty is never what you see on the outside it is what lies within a person's heart. And you could be the most beautiful woman in the world, yet if your heart is evil you will always be just that.

I loved everything about this book from start to finish. It had all the in depth emotion to make me turn into a puddle of melted goo, the cry and happy kind, and laced with just that right amount of thrilling " Oh my here comes the kicker" moments to send me spinning into a " No, seriously that was not meant to happen!" frenzy.

I am taking away a message of we all hide our own set of demons, be it on the surface or on display for the whole world  to see, it does not matter, they are there and just waiting to come out and destroy us. And when they do, there is only one way to deal with it man up and face it! All of us are only human and no matter our past, out there is someone ready to accept us no matter what baggage with come with.

I highly recommend this read for any and very romance fan out there. This was one of those reads where after I read the last words it took me almost a full day to come back down to earth and join the real world!

5/5 star review
" The dangers of the truth are only as powerful as you allow them to be"