Emerald Springs Legacy Series Book One: Adam's Ambition by Monica Tillery

Adam's Ambition

Reviewed by Desere

For some of us a second chance comes around when we least expect it, but it's not always easy to know if you are making the right choice this time or if the choice you made the first time around was indeed the best.

In book one from the Emerald Springs Legacy series second chances are all around. We meet make my knees go weak, turn me inside out Adam. He left the town of Emerald Springs years ago in search of his dreams, and he found them too.

He has the high-powered job he always wanted and he's so close to a promotion he can taste it. He does however have one little annoying out of his way, so not part of his plans act to do. He needs to return home in order to help his father make the transition into retirement.

He recons this can be done with minimal effort, and he can get in and out and back to his job in a few days. He does not count on running into the one and only woman he ever loved and walked away from Zoe, nor that he will suddenly fall in love with the town and farm he once could not get away from quick enough.

He quickly sets his mind to the goal of having it all, the farm, the high-powered job and most of all Zoe. But Zoe is not able to have her heart broken all over again, she is strong and can resit Adam's advances, right ?

I loved this romance! Right from the start the town crawled deep into my heart and I wanted to go and live there immediately. The character of Adam was one of those hero's where you can tell he has a good side, but his ambitions in life overpower the true man he is. I loved how the author let him blossom into a hero that any woman's heart would go all out for. Through this character I learned that having ambition is good, but when you let the ambition take over your life and forget to listen to your heart every now and then, you will ultimately end up having it all without really having it all.

The character of Zoe was awesome. She is the type of woman we all wish we could be when our ex's walk back into our lives and we know falling for them is all kinds of wrong. She does not immediately fall back into his arms and start planning the wedding, nope this woman fights her emotions for all she's worth in order to be sure she is on the right track. Not the perfect solution but still a good one, as I think it is important to remember when we are faced with a second chance to be sure we're making the right decision instead of just going for it and then later regretting it. Through this character I learned that we can't always have everything we want, and sometimes it's best to weigh out the pros and cons in order to make a choice we can live with, instead of looking back one day and thinking we have wasted time on something we never really wanted.

The backdrop settings were exquisite! Vivid descriptions of the land that were so beautiful it made my heart soar as I could actually fully picture it all, and transport myself to a world of wonder. I am taking away a message of second chances only come around once in a lifetime, and if we react to quickly without stopping to think it through it could cost us a lifetime of happiness.

But the most vital part is that you need to listen to your heart instead of thinking only with your head. Your head is always filled with your own ideas and this can overshadow the true desires of your heart, your heart speaks the truth where your head only tells you what the perfect route is for your own ideas to play out perfectly.

I recommend this read for every fan of romance. It was sweet, sensual, passionate, heart-stopping and gave me the perfect home is where the heart is feeling I love so much!

5/5 star review
" Letting it all go, is sometimes the only way to having it all"