A Lush Betrayal by Selena Laurence

A Lush Betrayal (Lush, #1)

Reviewed by Desere

Who of us doesn't love a hot sexy badboy! I know I do, and when he's a mega awesome rockstar? In my mind the only words are " Heck yeah baby bring it!"

In the new Selena Laurence book we meet mega sexy rockstar Joss but beneath the sexier than hell body and perfect dreamy image lies a man that holds a secret close to his heart. A secret that can destroy lives and cost him his band, friends and his fans. So he keeps up the perfect show and simply smiles and waves for the crowd.

Bring in Mel with her sweet smile, tempting eyes and hotter than hot body and Joss falls at her feet in a heartbeat. But when Mel realizes she has walked into a world filled with heartache, deception and anger instead of a close knit band rocking it out as one big happy family, she quickly becomes the one that wants to heal Joss, but of course this is easier said than done. For most of all she realizes that Joss's secret might just destroy their new found happiness.

This book was off the hook hot! The characters were very well written and each so unique in their own right that to me they all too soon became real. I loved how Mel and Joss both have this "Don't want to be this person" issue. It showed them both as the same even though they appear to the world as so very different. 

What I loved most about the book was the secrets and the outcome it can have, it made the read so intriguing and mysterious and kept me flipping away at the pages to get to the end.  The character of Joss reminded me that even when we are famous we can still hide away behind a mask, we look like we have the perfect life but behind the glitz and the glam there is still a real person that hurts just like you and me and has secrets just like the rest of us. Through this character the author reminded me that it is always best to be ourselves and not pretend to be someone else, for how will you ever know if someone loves you for the real you.

The character of Mel was one that I felt truly connected to, I myself have two sisters who have achieved many things that I have not yet or could not , you have tried but failed and it does irk you that they can do it but you can't. You're from the same DNA so why not? But the author did a fantastic job at showing that we are all unique and just because you cannot do something someone else can't does not mean no one will want or need you. We are all unique and each of us has a special something, we just need to step up to the plate and dare to find it.
The author offered up some very memorable characters and a really nice easy flow read, with just the right dose of angst added to make me shout out " That was freaking unbelievably awesome!"

I am taking away a message none of us can control who we are or what our actions are for the most of the time, but we can control who we want to be. If you wish to be an honest stand up kind of guy it can be done, if you wish to be seen as a actual person instead of just the one that is related to "that" person it can be done. All you need to do is find the real you inside before unleashing it on the world. And never hide from the truth, accept your past failures as a life lesson to be remembered but not let it eat away at your soul, it can and will destroy you and the ones you love, we're all human and everyone makes mistakes. 

I recommend this read for any fan of rockstar romance reads. It was crazy fun, sensual and super sexy and left a very emotional message.

4.5 star review 
" Between lust and betrayal lies love that can heal"