To Play with Fire by Tina Beckett

To Play With Fire

Reviewed by Desere

Many times I have found myself wondering what type of impact an adoption can have on the innocent, helpless child that is suddenly thrust into a whole new world he or she is not use to. For babies it is upsetting but when the child is older, what are the thoughts running through their heads?

Yes they are scared and unsure of what is to come, some are even happy that they no longer will need to live in an orphanage and that they've  found a family. But what if they are not alone, and with them is a sibling and adoption separates them, will they ever see each other again, will the empty void ever be filled?

These are all questions that author Tina Beckett brings into play in her latest and what is without a doubt the hottest medical romance read I have ever read. The story tells of Marcos despite growing up in an orphanage and having to live with not knowing where or with whom his little brother ended up with, he has made a successful career for himself, helping others when they cannot help themselves.

Everything is going well but then along comes Maggie, she sets his soul on fire and sends his mind spinning. But Maggie hides a secret, one she is sure once revealed will send Marcos running , yet once the secret is revealed and Marcos shows her he can fix her right up, things take a turn for the worse when Marcus makes one vital mistake and Maggie is one running.

I absolutely loved this book from start to finish. The characters sprang to life from the very first page and in no time at all I was lost in their emotional turmoiled world.

The character of Marcos was so stunning as the author slowly brought to life a man that is hopelessly lost in a world of anger and confusion but so blinded by lust that thinking about his own emotional issues quickly changes to giving all his focus on fixing up the only woman that makes him burn.

Yet he only sees and hears what he wants to. Through this character the author showed me that even though we might know all there is to know about a person, even their most deepest, darkest secrets, it takes a lot more than just knowing how to fix it. We need to take the time to truly look and listen before making our own conclusions simply based on what we know, the outcome could mean the end of trust that might never be regained.

The character of Maggie, was so heartbreakingly sad, it brought me to tears. The absolutely horrid violations she had to face and what had sent her into a cocoon of silence, sent chills down my spine and all I wanted to do was hug this woman and tell her it will be okay, which of course for woman in her situation it never really is.

I adored that no matter what Maggie stays as strong as can be and just pushes forward with life, she was definitely one of the most courageous heroines ever created. Through this character the author showed, that anything can be overcome, not forgotten but certainly overcome and instead of holding your feelings hostage by staying silent , we need to voice every feeling we feel it will not only set you free but empower you.

The backdrop settings were all so super and spicy hot, I could feel the sun beating down on me, and the author brought to life the world of Brazil so well that I started itching when the mosquito's came into the picture! The dialogue was all kinds of sweet, hot, emotional sexiness and left me not being able to turn the pages quick enough to get more and more of the absolutely stunning heat that lingers between emotional and lust.

The book had everything I want from a medical romance and so much more, there was drama, conflict, passion, emotional heartache and one heck of a plot!!

I am taking away a message of the past is the past, hiding it from the world will do absolutely no good, all you will end up with is a silent monster slowly tearing you to shreds, the longer it is kept hidden the longer it will feed off your fear and that little voice saying " What if the world knew?", will eventually become so overpowering there will be no escape.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of medical romance reads. If you're into romance reads but do not think the wold of medical romance books can do it for you, this is the book that will change it all. Tina Beckett has shown that the world of romance mixed with the world of medical can be just as hot, just as WOW and just as addictive as any other form of romance reads out there.

This was book one of the author's steamy Brazilian bothers duet. Brother number two, Lucas's story is up next and I am convinced it will be just as awesome as Marcus's story!

Note to the author: Tina don't you dare to ever stop writing I want more hot medicals to fill my days !

5/5 star review
" He can free her of the silence, but is she really the one that needs freeing?"