Mystical Desi Girl by Aditi Chopra

Book Three of Aditi Chopra’s DESI GIRL TRILOGY is worth the wait.  Book Two ended on a cliffhanger, leaving me longing for more.  Mind you, my being caught up with life problems when Book Three arrived left it languishing on my TBR pile for longer than I’d have liked, but  I got there in the end.

This is the book where Raj and Mahi, two NRI IT professionals resolve the differences which tore them apart originally.  Raj misunderstood Mahi’s motives while Mahi, misunderstanding his, considers that he is insecure and jealous of her success.  The reader is on edge, wondering how this pair, who truly love each other after all, will resolve their differences.

Although both Raj and Mahi’s points of view are shown, the book is actually dominated by Mahi, the non-resident Indian girl, who is really a desi girl at heart.  Meaning that she remains true to her Indian background in spite of living on foreign soil all her life.  She is an impressive character with immense, personal strength and also has a very serene disposition.

An enjoyable read and a fitting conclusion to a satisfying trilogy.