February or Forever by Juliet Madison

February Or Forever

Reviewed by Desere 

Moving into her aunt's house in Tarrin's Bay, renovating the old place, selling it and moving on is all single mom Chrissie has on her agenda, oh and making sure to avoid as much drama as possible.

She's had a really tough time with family members dying, getting divorced and trying to stay afloat, as we all know being a parent is tough and when you're a single parent it' s even worse to get through it all.

But Chrissie soon discovers that life in Tarrin's Bay is going to be far from easy and drama free. She meets and falls for famous singer and songwriter Drew.

The more time they spend together the more the idea of Tarrin's Bay being home sets in. Which of course is not a bad thing, the people are friendly and the town a really nice little place to live.

But the idea does not sit all that well with Chrissie, yes her son has started to come out of his shell , and yes Drew is the icing on top of a new adventure even if their romance is somewhat forbidden, but the house holds painful memories that she would rather get away from , the sooner the better, it can only bring the kind of drama she wants to avoid. Only Drew makes her feel and open up about everything she has dealt with alone for so long, can she truly let the past interfere with a new dream of hope?

I really liked this book. It was funny and romantic. I adored the character of Chrissie, being a single mom myself I could relate to her and immediately established a real connection to all the decisions she needs to make and everything that goes along with having to raise a child alone and how you are never sure that you're doing the right thing.

I was overjoyed that Drew was the one to be able to get Chrissie to open up and reveal her fears and heartache, every single parent knows that sometimes it's  needed for you to just talk it over with someone else other than just dealing with it, and Drew being that one for Chrissie put a huge smile on my face.

The humor in this book was the icing on a really stunning romance read, I giggled out loud like a little girl over some of the lines and when the twists and turns popped up you bet I was sitting up right and turning the pages as fast as I could to see what comes next.

Note to readers: the book does start off a little slow but before long it becomes so fascinating it will leave you begging for the rest, so don't stop just keep going, trust me it's worth it!

I'm taking away a message of the past is definitely always painful to deal with, and yes it can be buried but it can never be forgotten and therefore it will fester into a heartache that can never heal. One needs to step and deal with it head on before it becomes so deeply set into your being that it can never be escaped.

I recommend this read for any and all fans of small town romance, new dreams found, facing the past reads.
A sweet, tender, funny and real emotional heartfelt escape to new dreams read!

4.5 Star review
" One month turns into forever"