For His Eyes Only by Liz Fielding

For His Eyes Only

Reviewed by Desere

I have always been a huge fan of artwork the absolutely brilliance of just how amazing it all looks once it's done. I love staring at the details the artist took the time to create, but there is one thing that I have always found the most fascinating and that is the questions that pop up in my mind about what meaning did it have to them.

Of course with most great artists being deceased it's for the most part a guessing game, and for that reason I am so very thankful for my imagination. I can pretend the piece was inspired by a lover or by a wondrous event in the artists life, am of course most likely incorrect but using one's imagination is part of art and thus makes it so interesting and adds to the wonder and mystery of the piece.

In the new read from Liz Fielding she has brought my imagination to life with a stunning story of love, self discovery and mystery set against the amazing world of art.

The read tells of Natasha and how her 'My life is going in the right direction' takes a turn for the worst when she upsets the number one client of the real estate firm she works for and is left unemployed and her perfect reputation shattered. But this is one woman that will not go down without a fight. She steps up to the plate and makes the client a proposition he can't refuse, only the very tempting client Mr I can strip you naked with the mere flick of a pencil aka Darius has a proposition of his own. She has to pose naked for him!

Not one to back down from a challenge Natasha figures why not, what's the worse that could happen. Soon she realizes that exposing her naked self to Darius equals mind blowing sex but exposing her heart and soul, now that is a challenge she's not so sure she'll ever be up for because Darius is as closed off as he is dark and mysterious and breaking the barriers might leave her heart shattered never mind her rep.

The character of Natasha was one of the bravest I have read in long time. Being fired, having your hard worked for reputation shattered, losing your car to your rival, having your mother on your back, and having to face major scandal is not something I wish on my worst enemy. But the author created the perfect heroine that fights back, makes it all work for her by turning it around as best she can.

I took away a vital message through this characters eyes, the author showed just how badly an over protected person can become too invested in making a success of their lives and letting others know to back off "I can handle this" that they need a serious reality check in order to realize they have been pushing too hard.

The character of Darius was breathtaking and I fell in love with this hero from the first time he graced the pages. My love of art and the secrets artists hide within their creations was wrapped up in this man so vividly it brought my heart to a sudden stop more than once. Through this character the author showed what the true meaning of art is to an artist, the intense depth and emotion they pour into their work, the pain and despair a piece can portray or the very true and unconditional love they create in the only way they know how.

And it's that same intense emotion and beautiful love that I found in the author's writing. She took an incredible story of love and molded it into a true work of art that I have only been able to dream up in my imagination.The backdrop settings were so exquisitely described by the author it placed me right in the front row seat of it all.  I felt the mystery and sorrow of the land at Hadley Chase where a centuries old vicious triangle of betrayal and broken trust started it all.

I'm taking away a message of trust is vital in any relationship, without it's just as good as you baring yourself for all the world to see as the real you and not having the faith that you will be accepted for who you are.

I highly recommend this read for each and every romance fan out there. Believe me you will be entranced, over and over again on this truly magical journey of love.

And a huge thank the author for taking the time to create a world of art meets romance and for bringing to life the absolute wonder of the meaning of love portrayed through art.

A remarkable, magical, passionate heart-stopping read brought to life through the eyes of an author that will without a doubt go down in history!!

5/5 star review
"Through her eyes he learns the true meaning of love"


Reviewed by Nas

FOR HIS EYES ONLY by Liz Fielding is a March 2014 release by Harlequin Kiss and M&B Modern Tempted.

Natasha Gordon is devastated when she finds that her hard-worked reputation is in tatters, thanks to being betrayed by someone she trusted. But the fallout has more impact on Darius Hadley’s property. Natasha is fired from her job with all it’s perks.

Then she hatches a plot and takes a proposition to Darius. Would he agree to her proposition? But he counter-propositions her. And what a sinfully sexy proposition!

What about the lightening attraction between them? Would they act on it and bring their passion to it’s natural conclusion?

FOR HIS EYES ONLY is shimmering with sensuality and emotions. Author Liz Fielding has fire and passion in this story which would surprise and then hook her readers in. This romance is an unique but pleasant surprise from this author.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.