A Sweet Deal by Monica Tillery

A Sweet Deal

Reviewed by Desere

This was such an awesome story of romance it had be lost a world of romance so sweet I could taste the sweet among the sour.

The book tells of Richard and how he is prepared to fight to the very end to keep his family business. All he has to do is meet his father's deal and the business will be his and the memory of his mother will live on.

But meeting his father's requirements is something he is not up for at all, he learned the lesson of love and failure along time and does not need a repeat.

So he focuses his energy of fighting off the company dead set on buying his family business.

Yvette has to close the best deal of her career, buying Richard's family business is all she needs to get the promotion she has been after. But Richard is placing a definite hold on her dreams, so she changes tactic and does her best to focus.

Now with both Richard and Yvette focusing on their goals they are so not expecting to both have a totally wow one night stand and definitely not with each other! It is here that the books gets super hot and super awesome.

I completely adored the characters from the start go, both had such a strong and overwhelming " Look at me!" feeling about them that I immediately fell for them both. Both characters were beautifully written and I loved how the author let them both be so strong willed and passionate about their goals yet at the same time so focused that they forgot about the bigger picture.

It showed that most of us would rather just do what makes us happy and not worry about the others we hurt along the way. We take our own faults and rather make it the fault of others, instead of manning up to and admitting we need to step back and reassess our lives.

A passionate, emotional and so sweet read , the character will forever live in my heart.

5/5 star review
" The sweetest deal of their lives has just been sealed"