Hot Ice Enhanced Edition by Cherry Adair

Hot Ice Enhanced

Reviewed by Desere

Every woman loves jewels! Rubies, diamonds, emeralds no matter they all rock. Be it the glitz and glam it adds to your perfect outfit or the thrill of slipping on something cool as ice when you feel hotter than hot no matter the fact remains woman love jewels.

But in this read the heroine is not so much for the thrill of wearing them as she is for the thrill of stealing them! And most of all diamonds are forever, men are so not. But Taylor makes a grave error when she steals more than she bargained for, a secret set of codes she never wanted nor needed. But now that she has them it 's either get them back to where they belong or use them for a bit of fun.

She does not count on hotter than hell Hunt coming after her, or to be exact hunt her down. The man is all kinds of delicious take me now hot, and soon she realizes the man is just as smart and witty as herself, and also dead set on getting the job done. Hunt and Taylor come to appreciate each other's skills and soon also each other's blazing hot attraction as they lose themselves to passion. But when Taylor slips from his bed to go after prize diamonds Hunt goes into double time as he has to chase her down all over again, but is he still after the codes or is there something more he's he wants to wrap himself around?

This book was so totally awesome and so hot it left me breathless, and begging for more. This author as a reputation of creating stunning realistic characters, mind blowing adventures, kick ass hero's and memorable heroines, and I am more than happy to say not only did she once again deliver it all on every page she did it even better than before!

The kick ass action in this read was so very addictive I wanted to grab a weapon and blow up the
bad-guys and yes more than once I was so lost in this read a bomb could have dropped next to me and I would not have know it at all.

The characters are addictive and you just want to climb inside their minds and stay there forever, the plot it one of pure brilliance and so well thought out, you will just as myself be on the edge of your seat at all times.

The author making both main characters equal in the sense that both know what they want and know how to get it, made this read thrilling beyond believe. I love a strong kick ass hero, but I also adore a heroine that can stand up for herself and fight back as good as she gets.

Absolutely amazing stuff! I highly recommend this read for all Cherry Adair fans, she entrances readers and takes them on adventures we all can only dream about!

5/5 star review
" Who needs cold as ice when you can have hotter than fire in your arms"