White Heat Enhanced Edition by Cherry Adair

White Heat Enhanced (Black Rose Trilogy)

Reviewed by Desere

One year ago Emily lost her heart to love 'em and leave 'em Max. So when he turns up at her doorstep to proclaim his father and Emily's mentor has been murdered and Emily's life is at risk and he trusts no one but himself to personally see to her safety, she is of course first furious, then saddened by his father's death and then scared out of her mind.

He walked away from their love and now he wants to just show up unannounced and protect her? No way! Trusting this man with her heart had her in tears and her life shattered so trusting him to protect her will be a huge mistake, yet deep down she knows he is more than capable of ensuring her safety at all costs, if she can keep her heart out of the deal then surely letting him protect her won't be all that bad, it's not like she has a death wish., but it's not like she can resist the man either.

And so starts the mind blowing journey of two people chasing cars, dodging bullets and falling back into a hotter than hot passionate affair. But whist fighting to stay alive and getting lost in passion they both have to keep in mind that just like the first time this will end far too soon.

I adore all books by this author, she takes you on thrilling adventures that one only sees in the movies. She brings to life the action like no other can. When the bullets start flying I found myself jumping up and yelling out " Run, run now! "

The author put me front and center for one of the best action romantic suspense reads of my life! I was addicted from page one and fell head over heals in love with the characters, I simply could not stop myself from flipping the pages to see what comes next, who dies, who gets caught and just who is who.

I was truly sad for Max, as a T-Flac agent life is never simple and the name of the game is to keep moving, so a normal life is never on the cards, yes woman would think him a real bastard each time he walks away but the author does a stunning job at showing his reasons as valid. It also showed him a real man, and by that I mean that this is the type of man that will risk his own happiness to ensure the safety of others, and to me there is nothing more heroic.

The character of Emily was fascinating, I was completely entranced by this woman , it was as if the author had taken a real life person and dropped her into the middle of a thrilling adventure. Nothing about this character felt unrealistic. The fear she feels when in danger, the heat and attraction towards Max, the hurt she has to face when knowing this might be the last time she ever sees Max. I felt each and every emotion and lived Emily's life with each word.

I highly recommend this book for all fans of romantic suspense reads, the author created realistic characters, a mind blowing adventure and all with such vivid intense clarity it felt as if I was apart of it all.

5/5 star review
"Born from heat is a love than can never be broken"