Emerald Springs Legacy Series Book Four : Daniel's Decision by Nicole Flockton

Daniel's Decision

Reviewed by Desere

The read tells of Daniel and how he decides he wants to turn his family hospitality retreat into a Eco friendly resort. His family think him mad, but he powers ahead full steam and goes after the information he needs to get the job done.

For this he travels to Australia and there is where his troubles start, he meets Rochelle, she knocks his socks off, but he decides to rather focus his attention on getting the info he needs for things to take shape back home, doing just that is really hard of course, but life is full of surprises.

Rochelle is pretty much the same as Daniel, she is focused on her goals and even more so to ensure that she will never be financially dependent on anyone, and the last thing she needs in the way of her plans is a sexy make my toes curl Daniel to complicate her life.

But as they spend time together they learn more about each other and things start to blossom, then suddenly an emergency back home takes Daniel away from her, that is unless he can convince her to come back with him. But leaving her home and her life behind for a man, now that has never been part of her master-plan.

This was a wonderful book of two people both following their dreams to the ends of the earth, and learning a valuable lesson along the way.

I love the character of Daniel so very much that the man had me in tears on a regular basis. Tears of frustration, joy, anger and hope. I adored that the author let Rochelle knock him from his stay goal focused pedestal just a little, it showed that even when we think we are in control someone is bound to come around and let us see what it is we are really doing.

Rochelle was a wonderful character, to me it felt as if the author took this character from a complete different world than were heroine's usually come from, it was as if this character was so much more real, so much more intense and so much more than just a name on a page. I wanted to hug her and tell her it will all be okay and that it will work out.

Of course I could not because even in the most romantic of reads things do not always work out exactly like you want them to, and this is what kept me glued to the edge of my seat, tissues on hand and waiting for the wow moment to come.

I am taking away a message of when we find love, we should not let our goals or perfect idea of life get in the way, sometimes you need to bend the rules a little to get what you want.

I recommend this read for all fans who love a good, romantic, heartfelt, emotional, stunning afternoon reads!

5/5 star review
" She's his decision, he's her leap of faith"