Second Chances by Ros Baxter

Second Chances: The Bold and the Beautiful

Reviewed by Desere

This was a nice short read about two people learning valuable lessons from their past and making a go for the future.

Because the books are based on the television series The bold and the beautiful, it made perfect sense to me that the book will be a short read.

I however was a little skeptical that the author would be able to capture all the wonderful passionate romance within only a few chapters, when it is played out on TV it is very easy to feel all the emotions because you are seeing it acted out in front of you, yes in many books this happens too but not all authors are able to pull it off.

I'm pleased to say that the author did a great job in letting me feel as if it was indeed being played out in front of me. 

The read tells of Rick and Steffy, they each have their own set of demons from the past, but they do also reach the point where they have something really special together, but just as in the TV series you think this it is all is going well for this couple , something or someone comes out of the shadows and blows it all to smithereens.

The smithereens comes in the form of Steffy having had enough of everyone's opinion and tries to drown their words out by jumping on a bike and taking off, then crashes. The real question is not if she will survive but if Rick will get to her in time before she takes off and out of his life yet again.

I loved the characters, they were well written and I very much enjoyed the spunk and squaring off sessions. Nice background descriptions and unlike the series on TV so much more of a thrilling less predictable ending.

4.5 star review 
" To find a future together they need to learn to live in the present and not the past"