Stormswept by Shannon Curtis

Stormswept: The Bold and the BeautifulReviewed by Desere

Another awesome look into the lives of the characters from the TV series The Bold and the beautiful, this time around the focus is on Hope and Oliver.

Hope has learned the hard way that she sucks at relationships and after the latest failed attempt she decides to take off to Australia and attend a fashion shoot, it is for darn sure help get her mind of things.

But it does also involve getting up close and very personal with her former flame Oliver, but hey a girl has to do what a girl has to do. 

But Hope and Oliver get stranded on a deserted island due to a massive storm, but is the storm raging away on the outside of the world anything near as out of control as their feelings for each other?

I really, really loved this book. It was so much more intense than the TV series, this author took me deeper and closer to the characters than I have ever been before. I felt their emotion and felt it all come to life.

And such a wonderful message of how just letting someone in for once, can lead to a friendship that can never be destroyed, and a love that will forever blossom, but most importantly how you can see a person in a different light when they are your friend first and then let the rest follow in a nice, natural flow.

I recommend this read for all fans of romance reads, and for those who loved the show and want to get inside the minds behind the faces we just knew on TV.

5/5 star review 
" A raging storm of passion"