Princes of Castaldini by Olivia Gates

Reviewed by Desere

Olivia Gates has always been able to transport me to a worlds of absolute stunning romances, she let's characters come to life in a way so strong and in your face that it is as if you can touch them for real.

In the Princes of Castaldini she took me on a journey of three brilliant, strong and magical men and the woman who bring them to their knees.

In The Once and Future Prince I was introduced to Prince Leandro, he had gone into exile and nothing and no one can make him come out, that is until his ex lover Phoebe is sent to convince him to accept the crown and carry out his duty. But Leandro has other plans, he will let go of exile only if Phoebe carries out his every wish, if she dares.

In The Prodigal Prince's Seduction Prince Durante is no stranger to incredible offers, but the latest one is attached to a woman sent to bring him back to Castaldini to be king. He has no intention of returning to be king, but resisting Gabrielle now that will never do. And after one magical night he is convinced she is meant to rule by his side, after all if he absolutely has to be king then at least he can have a hot woman by his side as his queen. That is the plan, until he finds out her true identity and it all comes crumbling down.

In The Illegitimate King we meet Prince Ferruccio and Princess Clarissa, six years ago she scorned him and he had sworn he would make her pay. The time has come but once he gets his revenge will he be able to let her go?

I loved this entire series from start to finish. It was so very romantic, emotional and passionate. I fell head over heals in love with all the characters, the far off lands and the heartbreak of the Princes having to face everything they simply do not want. I felt each and every emotion of the woman when they needed to face their princes in shining armor.

I am taking away a message of we all have duties in life, sometimes we have no other choice but to face up to them, we can run but we can never hide. It won't break us but make us stronger for when we need to face decisions that are so much harder then duties.

I highly recommend this series for all fans of romance who love a fantastic escape into the world of royal love and compassion.

5/5 star review
" Even Princes have their weaknesses. It's not always about playing to rule the day"