Caution : Filling is hot by Tara Mills

Caution: Filling Is Hot

Reviewed by Desere

This was one of the most fun reads ever! A set of twins dead set on bringing two people together, add in their grandmother to help.

And the very unsuspecting couple each trying to do their own mix of flirting with pleasure and avoiding contact.

The book had all kinds of super hot romance, fun and totally off the hook craziness that had me laughing out loud, which was no surprise as this author is one that knows how to not only tickle your funny bone but, send it into a full blown can't stop laughing, tears streaming down your face, my insides hurt mode.

I adored the super hot attraction between Chad and Piper. The author created spectacular, realistic characters and blended in loads of totally awesome extra's.

I am not going to reveal much more than that, all I will add is go and get this book as in NOW! You will not be sorry. The book has everything a romance reader can ask for and a bonus of just how hot, dangerous and mixed up the filling of life can get, when we slap together our very own recipe for love.

Fun, flirtatious, hot, passionate and simply delicious!

5/5 star review
"Caution: Love has it's very own recipe for disaster, unless you have the right ingredients"