A Lot Like Love by Helen Lacey

 A Lot Like Love

Reviewed by Desere

A really fantastic little read about secrets being exposed and new relationships being formed in the mist of tragedy. I really liked the emotion, it was in depth and raw at times but also sweet and slow building.

The relationship between father and daughter is what made this read for me, it was so touching and really spoke to my heart.

I recommend this read for anyone that loves a romance read with real in depth emotion, budding romance and a great message of nothing is ever as it seems !

5/5 star review

" This feel a lot like love, or is it?"


Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan
With Jessica Dennison's death, an entire family was affected in different ways. Sophie, her two year old daughter was now motherless. Mark, her husband, was now a widower with a secret and the sole parent of his child. Catherine, her twin, was tormented by a secret and banished forever from the family by her brother-in-law because of the accident. Now ten years later, circumstances have changed. Sophie needs the help of her aunt to live. Mark must swallow his anger and resentment to request it. He would do anything for his child, even this. But would a possible cure for Sophie's illness be all they would find together? Could a long ago attraction lead to something Mark and Catherine could call forever?

Would he act on his attraction or would his secret be in the way?

Would she act on her attraction or would her torment and secret be too much to overcome?

Would this treatment be the cure they have been praying for or was it another dead end?

When I start to read a Helen Lacey book, I know I will find a sweet, sensual romance with an intricate plot and well developed characters. This story did not disappoint. Building gradually throughout the book toward a climatic end, I rode a roller coaster of emotions as this family tried to meld together. Excellent story. Well written.

I would recommend this book to all romance readers.

4/5 stars Could love overcome all their problems?


Reviewed by Maria

Helen Lacey is a talented author who excels in writing deeply emotional and compelling love stories with a love of family values at the very core.  Catherine hasn’t seen her brother-in-law Mark since the death of his wife, her sister, ten years before.  But now, Mark needs her help.  A donor is needed to give his young daughter a life saving transplant.  As the girl’s mother’s sister, Catherine is the closest female relative and the likeliest match.  Can this pair overcome the shadows of their past – the hurt and the pain – not to mention the misunderstandings – and give Mark’s daughter what she so desperately needs?  What the child actually needs will have readers sitting up in amazement.  This gripping story held my attention until the very end.  Highly recommended for readers of emotional love stories and mature romance.   Catherine is a delightful character with whom readers will identify – she gives the hero, Mark, a run for his money.  That was one of the things I loved about the story.  I always enjoy an interesting heroine who gives the hero what he truly needs – which is usually a few life lessons.

Readers who have read Helen Lacey’s Harlequin Special Editions stories will enjoy this.