Emerald Springs Legacy Series Book Three : Chad's Chance by Ellen Arden

Chad's Chance

Reviewed by Desere

There is no one out there that can say they have always been happy and content. There is always a time when it feels like we are meant to be somewhere else or be someone else.

Yet we try and make the best of the situation and as they say keep calm and carry on. And this is what Chad does, for a little while at least.

The arrival of Jen brings out the spark in him and he soon finds the solution to bringing the excitement he so badly craves into his life.

Jen fists nicely into his best laid plans but Jen sees right through him, or so she thinks. She sees a rich man looking for that little bit of exciting arm candy latching onto his wealth and drooling over his good looks, that was her mother's job and she is so not going down that road, she however could not be more far off base.

Chad has a whole other plan and he never gives up ones he sees the chance to make his plans take life.

I loved, loved this read! The characters were incredible and so amazing they took me on an entire journey of stunning love, friendship, family and new found adventure.

The character of Chad was totally awesome! He feels the craving for what he wants, seeks out the chance and goes for it full steam ahead. This go getting, nothing stops me attitude was one I found extremely sexy!

What intrigued me the most about him was that he knows what he wants yet he holds back that tiny little part of himself because his family is watching his every move. Through this character the author showed me that we all have go out and get 'em attitude we need to just find it, we need to however remember that very fine little line between making ourselves happy or keeping other happy with an illusion of what it they need to see.

The character of Jen was really cool! She is this really stay out of my way type of person, but she also on some level knows that opening up will be good for her, but with her past track record she stuffs the voices back into the hole and tries instead to focus on the task at hand. Through this character the author shows that once we reach a point in life where things start trying to point us in a direction that feels completely wrong, it is the time we need to listen up instead of just carrying on as usual.

I am taking away a message of life has it's own way of showing us what we should be doing and who we should be with, so when the chance comes knocking or as in this case comes running into the parking lot, pay attention for tomorrow your chance might be gone.

5/5 star review
"  Taking a chance is sometimes all you need to set the wheel in motion for love"