Road Trip With The Eligible Bachelor by Michelle Douglas

Reviewed by Desere

You know those crazy out there too funny to miss road trips films that are always popping up everywhere? Well they always end with an amazing bang and fun, but very seldom with romance of the most beautiful kind.

In the new Michelle Douglas read this is what does happen for Aiden and Quinn. They find themselves trapped together on a road-trip that has a different meaning to each of them, but at the end find the road to happiness.

It starts off with Quinn being abandoned by her family and her partner, typical of most men he is not up to fatherhood and would rather be off spending his time living the good free spirit life whilst spending his cash.

So her sons is all she has, but a little twist of fate and in her lap or rather her car lands the gorgeous make my head spin Aiden. This is not what she wanted or needed at this time in her life and she will fight it tooth and nail.

Aiden has his own deep dark past one that has been nagging on him, yet it is a matter of principal and doing the right thing to keep his family happy so the past is pushed to past and he just sort of goes with the flow.

But when he finds himself in the center of Quinn and her family he starts to rethink his choices. Now if he can only convince Quinn that they have been brought together in order to both make the right choices for once, everything will be perfect. But cracking Quinn and her tough as nails shell is a challenge unlike any other he has ever faced.

This book was so beautiful and so perfect in so many ways. The author gave me memorable, amazing, realistic characters that crawled into my heart and will remain with me for a lifetime.

The character of Aiden was a sad one in the sense that he is only doing what pleases his family. So many of us do just that , and sadly so many of us keep doing it and never really go out there and find our happiness. But through his meeting with Quinn the author showed me that there is always a time and a place and a reason for us to take notice of our lives and where we should be going. If we continue to make everyone else happy, we will truly never be happy.

The character of Quinn, was one that truly broke my heart. Her family abandoning her and her stupid ex walking out on her was so sad it brought me to tears. Family is meant to be there for you, stand by you and help you through the bad times. But through this character the author showed me that sometimes that is not entirely a bad thing, it teaches us to stand up for ourselves, get out there and make our own luck.

This book took me from showing me two very sad, feeling beaten down people to the road they travel to finding the kind of love only found once in a lifetime. I am taking away a message of when you find yourself on the road less traveled it might just be life sending you down the right path. It might feel as if you have been there before but if you take the chance to look deeper you will find you have just found what you have been looking for all along. And family sometimes comes in the most unexpected of forms.

5/5 star review
" This is one road trip this new found family will never forget" 

Reviewed by Nas

ROAD TRIP WITH THE ELIGIBLE BACHELOR is by author Michelle Douglas and released in March 2014 by Harlequin Romance.

Single mum Quin Laverty plan on a cross country car ride across Australia to start a new life. Quin promised herself that she will take spend time with her two sons on the road trip. But they take pity on a man who can’t get rental car and take him along as the airline was on strike.

Aidan Fairhall is a politician and very gorgeous. Could he take to Quinn’s pace? He was used to a faster paced life. But together on the journey, they discover an attraction between them which was not abating. Could it turn to something more?

ROAD TRIP WITH THE ELIGIBLE BACHELOR is a well-written, fun but on occasions very emotional romance. I loved the shimmering sensuality just beneath the surface. The chemistry between them was very well done. Author Michelle Douglas once again brings charm, innocence and romance with tenderness and blends them together spectacularly in this new story of hers.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.