The Purest of Diamonds by Susan Stephens

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone and anyone that is female and has sisters, will know you always feel as if all or one of your sisters is better and prettier than you. Some go with the flow and don't worry about it and others will try almost anything to improve themselves. New hair, new dress and a trying to be every bit as beautiful as my sisters are attitude.

It of course never really helps, because we all know that beauty comes from within, and is of course found in the arms of the right man.

In the new read from Susan Stephens she tells of Leila, she is the youngest of the Skavanga sisters and unfortunately for her also the one that is not popular or drop dead beautiful. But for the most she is known as the untouchable one. The ice princess that will never crack.

She decides to break the ice herself and the man to help her do it is Raffa. And yes ladies I also got a chill running down my spine when I read the name Raffa, there is something extremely bone melting sexy about the name and believe me he lives up to it all in this read.

But even though Raffa is all for melting through the layers of ice and let's face it touching all there is to touch of the untouchable one is a major bonus in any man's book,  he soon discovers that his fire meeting the ice of Leila not only leads to unexpected consequences but to a fear to run faster than he has ever wanted to before.

I adored this book, it was everything that I love about romance. The author took me deep into the hearts and mind of two truly incredible characters.

Raffa was cold, distant, arrogant and at one stage I did want to smack the man silly and see if that would knock some sense into him. He does however show an extremely sensitive, kind and caring side when he deals with Leila. Through this character the author showed that even though we can try to remain cold and distant to protect ourselves there is always something or someone that will bring out the better side in us.

The character of Leila was all kinds of sweet. I felt a little sorry for her thinking that she is not every bit as beautiful in her own way as her sisters are. Her sweetness and kindness made me love her to bits. And when she stands up for her believes I actually jumped up out of my chair and let out a " You go girl!"

And the most important thing is through this character the author showed that everyone is beautiful in their own way. You don't need the stunning glamorous look on the outside to be seen as beautiful. It is what lies inside your heart and your courage to go after what you need. But if you don't see what others see you will always remain at a loss as to who you really are.

This truly was a remarkable and stunning story of love being found in the eye of the beholder, others see something we don't. And when we take the time to look through their eyes and see what they see, we will find we are every bit as amazing as the ones in our lives we think are better than us.

I highly recommend this read for all romance fans. It was heartfelt, passionate, romantic in each and very way we need a romance read to be, emotional and simply GORGEOUS!

5/5 star review
"She's the perfect diamond to his crown"