What Belongs to Her by Rachel Brimble

Reviewed by Desere

In this read we have Sasha who believes that the family fairground holds the key to her happiness.

Sasha also reckons she needs to strike when the time is hot to reclaim her families fairground back from the local crime boss.

Part of her master plan is to use the help of the lowlife crime boss's estranged son John. So yes I am sure here is where you're going to start thinking, "Ah so she gets all close and personal with the son to get the ball rolling". You would be right but there is a whole other side to it.

She discovers that there is so much more to John that meets the eye, and soon loses her heart to him. But John wants forever in a new space and Sasha is so not going to walk away from the fairground !

Nor is he planning on letting her hurt anyone or hide the pain she feels.

I loved this book, the author took me on a journey showing both characters what happiness really is and just where it is. The characters of both John and Sasha were remarkable.

It takes a lot of courage to do exactly what you say you are going to do, and to still be standing, ready to face what ever comes around when the bomb drops. Both characters keeping their plans to themselves really added to the phenomenal tension on this read.

It was as if I was inside a dream where I knew exactly what who was up to, but could not do anything about it, but read to see when does who slip up and what happens to tear them apart, very gripping !

Hiding in the mist of all the tension of mystery and secrets being kept, there was this truly amazing romance taking flight and building to such an amazing passionate, heartfelt love it brought me to tears and tugged on each and every one of my romantic heartstrings.

The author gave me a valuable lesson in this read, communication is always vital in life, if you hold back all your cards in hand, you will yes be playing the game right, but when your heart starts speaking to you instead of just the cards in your hand, then it's the time to listen. The cards are either to be played or thrown away, a chance is sometimes all it takes to win.

And most importantly, happiness is not a place, love is where ever the person who loves you for you is found, it could be in Siberia or outer-space no matter, if that person is there then that is where you are meant to be.

4.5 star review
" It's all fun and games at the funfair, till loves takes away her heart and walks out the door"