The Woman Sent to Tame Him by Victoria Parker

The Woman Sent to Tame Him

Reviewed by Desere

With this book the author ripped my heart to shreds so badly, I felt more than just torn up a little, and then she so beautifully put it back together again.

The read tells of Serena, always known as one of the boys on her father's Formula 1 team, she has learnt to hide her feelings by plastering on a smile, hiding her femininity behind biker boots, jeans and funny t-shrits.

Suck it up, get going and always remember boys don't cry. With this go getting, never mess with me , you can't make me cry attitude she is the perfect candidate to tame the team's number one driver.

But when facing Finn and his I'll make your engine purr all night long smile she realizes it is going to take a whole more than playing the boss's daughter card to bring this man around to her way of thinking.

Underneath the sexier than sin body and killer I can see into your soul eyes, lies a man in pain, if only she can find out why, but as hot as the man is in bed and as fast, furious and reckless as  he is on the track, he is also as closed up when she gets too close to the truth.

The character of Serena was amazing. This woman has been through so much pain and heartache in her life, yet she keeps coming back ready to fight the next battle. But as strong and tough as she tries to be, there is still that little part of her that remains just a girl, that wants to be loved, feel beautiful and protected. Through this character the author showed me that all of us can try and keep up a tougher than nails mask, but in the end there is always a part of us that needs to cry, and let it all out.

You cannot keep it all bottled up it will eat you alive from the inside. It will make you stronger but it will never allow you to heal, crying is the best form to letting go. And being just yourself, in all your very own unique glory will never make you weak it will show you as stronger than you have ever been before.

The character of Finn , oh my, this man was all kinds of perfection!  A bad ass, to die for sexy racing driver with a secret that made him all the more delicious, I could not have been more thrilled ! The author entrapped me with the character over and over again. His fearless death come get me attitude broke my heart, and all I wanted to do was wrap him up and make it all go away. His sense of duty to protect Serena against his darkness was so exquisite, that it really tore my soul to pieces.

Through his character the author showed that even when we feel we are upholding the insane notion that we are protecting the ones we love by steering them away from us, it is never what is needed. As the saying goes, the truth shall set you free.

The entire read was full of blazing hot passion, stunning conflict that made me leap from my chair and yell out for these two to please let it all out! Such extreme emotion and a true romantic rush. I could feel the adrenalin coursing through my veins on and off the track, I heard the crowd crying out for their hero and tasted the victory of the race and the long road to love and freedom.

I am taking away a message of life has no limits when it sends you for the ride of your life, but when we allow a " I lost the race" attitude to take over our souls and fester into a deep and dark monster controlling our every move, it will eventually lead to our light dying out and all that will be left is a hollow empty worthless victory of shame and despair. You cannot change the past, but you can always try to fight for a better tomorrow.

I highly recommend this read for all romance fans that love a feisty stand up for myself heroine, a dark and mysterious sexy bad ass hero, fast cars and mind blowing adrenaline rushes. Definitely the sexiest, most addicting adrenalin infused Harlequin presents I have ever read!

5/5 Star review
" He races towards death, she fights to let him live" 
Reviewed by Nas

THE WOMAN SENT TO TAME HIM by author Victoria Parker is a Harlequin Presents release for March 2014.

This story is set in the pulse-racing world of Formula One.

Serena Scott is a tomboy among all the men and keeps her distance from all things feminine. But sparks fly whenever she comes across their top driver, Finn St George. Finn seemed to have a death wish. Then Serena is called by her father to tame Finn. Could she do it? Is Finn tameable?

THE WOMAN SENT TO TAME HIM is full of danger, thrills and tension. It's also a mesmerizing, emotional and sensual romance. Author Victoria Parker brought this sparkling tale in the fast-paced car racing world.

Highly recommended for readers of fast paced romance.

Reviewed by Alexis

Serena Scott is beautiful but is considered just 'one of the guys.'   Finn St. George loves to live life for the thrill of danger.  Neither one knows that they have parts of their past that make them who they are today.  Will they be able to overcome the past and give into the 'Sparks' that fly between them?  A must read.  Find out how they overcome tragedy and possibly find a bond.

4.5 star review 
Review by TashNz
Victoria Parker
The Woman Sent to Tame Him

6 Stars

The Woman Sent to Tame Him by Victoria Parker is the type of story I live for.  I’m not ashamed to admit I LOVE alpha heroes, I love angst, I love fiery passion and I love the fireworks that are continually exploding and shooting sparks left right and centre.  I love it when two characters spark off each other and I love the settings of worlds that are so far removed from mine it’s up to my imagination to how it all looks.  Top that off with a splash of drama (pun intended) and intrigue; Finn and Serena’s story has this and much much more!

Setting the scene, we’re entering in the exciting high octane racing world that Finn belongs to.   He’s a world class racing driver (which you would know if you've read “A Reputation to Uphold”) who has the world at his feet… at the top of his game… can have any woman he wants… has more money than he will ever count and the most gorgeous looking guy one could ever see in the mags.  To the outside world he’s amazing, the crowds love him but to those who know him he’s slowly losing it, crashing cars, out drinking all night and surrounding himself with nameless bimbos.

Serena Scott, daughter of Finns boss… She’s grown up in a man’s world, motherless and now she’s brother less because of a drowning that occurred while her brother was away with Finn, or is that what really happened? Since the drowning Serena’s disgust in Finn regarding his wayward ways has grown and her resentment of losing the only close family member she has is festering.  Now her race car prototype is under threat of sitting out another season unless she “fixes” Finn as per orders from her father.  This makes the fiery redhead spit tacks and this launches us into Finn and Serena first meeting face to face since before the death of her brother.

Finn plays the macho, how cool am I, walk on water ass but I loved him for it because with Victoria’s clever writing it was clear it was a front.  He has he world on his shoulders, is hiding the truth from Serena and trying to fight his powerful feelings for the lil spitfire that Serena is.  Serena is the girl we secretly all want to be, she has a wicked sense of humour and had me doubled over laughing.  She too has always been interested in Finn but never thought anything of it, she’s just the boss’s nondescript daughter.  However that’s not what Finn see’s… he sees a fiery beauty who for the first time in over a year has him interested in the female race again.

My only bug was the amount of times Finn called Serena Baby.  I thought he was trying to be all smooth so was surprised to read later she was the only one he'd ever called it.  The only time I believed he was sincere re "baby" was when he said "baby girl", that in my world has meaning.  Anyway that was all, and while I know these stories aren't real it was the only thing that I could think of that I would change.

This March 2014 release had me at hello.  I could not get enough of it and was not wanting the book to every end, even by chapter four. The story is fast paced, the characters have the best conversations, the angst level is high and the passion is off the charts.  I laughed, I cried, I was speechless and my heart was racing.  All this mixed in with the mystery of Serena’s brother’s death and the backstory that brings is incredible and I was honestly glued to the book from page one until the last page.  As an off side, the preview of Michelle Smart’s What a Sicilian Husband Wants was enough for me to buy that too, so my credit card is getting well used this week!

Victoria Parker has come in first place after the checked flag with me and I will be visiting Amazon for her previous two stories, which I was very pleased to discover Finn’s sister story is A Reputation to Uphold.  In my opinion Victoria has written a story that I love reading by the legends that are Abby Green, Maisey Yates, Annie West, Sarah Morgan and Melanie Milburne and I will be rereading this one for sure!

P.S Sorry for the long carry-on, I just loved this book and don’t know how to explain it in any shorter form ;)