Mr (not quite) Perfect by Jessica Hart

Reviewed by Desere 

So many times I have seen friends of mine in relationships were one or both wishes they could change something about the other. It ranges from as small as "I wish he would learn to remember to pick up the towels", or as big as " I wish she could learn to open up to me".

At the end of the day it comes down to time and patience. We need to focus on the good in the person and learn to overlook the imperfections. Yes in some cases the smaller imperfections are easier to push out of the way, but there are the bigger issues that sometimes simply cannot be overlooked and it can mean the end of a relationship.

There is however one thing that always remains and that is that it is never easy to change someone from what they are to what you want them to be. A perfect image in your head will never be what you see on the outside, it is simply a dream.

In the new read from Jessica Hart this is what lies at the heart of this really fabulous read. We meet Allegra, and her strange new assignment of taking the non perfect man and turning him into the perfect to die for hero. The hero in this read Max is not so much into the idea but a little persuasion from Allegra and the game is on.

However along the way the " I will make you so hot no woman will be able to resist you " mission changes to a" I want you for myself " mission. But can Max see Allegra for more than just a messy and always doing everything backwards woman, or will he simply keep his focus on his new image and use it to his advantage in a relationship with another woman?

I loved this book SO, SO much ! It was scorching hot from the start, and so addictive that by page three I was already not able to put it down. The author did an outstanding job at showing that the image of perfection we have in our minds can simply never be achieved , it is fragment of imagination and needs to remain simply that. Because no one is perfect and when you cannot accept a person for who they are that person will never be able to accept you for who you are.

Everyone is different for a reason, if we were all perfect life would be dull and uninteresting. It would simply be the same thing over and over everyday and thus no problems would result in us never learning our true strength.

The character of Max did come off as slightly goofy or geeky in the start but in my opinion those are the type of men that are true hero material. They might not look perfect for you on the outside but deep down they are so much more hero worthy than the perfect looking drop dead gorgeous men of the world, who's image is more important then their deepest emotions.

The character of Allegra was all kind of crazy fun, I laughed so much at most of the things she does and says that I had tears streaming down my cheeks.  I adored that the author let her discover the true woman she is through the eyes of imperfection.

I am taking away a message of before you want to change someone simply to fit in with your idea of perfection, take the time to find out why the person is different, there is always a reason that needs to be made clear.

 I highly recommend this very stunning read for all fans of romance!

5/5 star review
" Imperfection let's dreams come true"