The Billionaire's Prize by Kristi Avalon

Reviewed by Desere

The amazing come and save me I will protect you at all costs men by Kristy Avalon are back! I have been waiting for this next installment for a long time.

This time we finally get the low down on Cade and what makes this man tick. Anyone that has been following the series will know that Cade's father was killed six years ago, and it has never been solved.

Enter the feisty yet also shy Kylie. A brilliant up and coming paralegal, she is fascinated with cold case's because of her own mother's murder that was never solved. She stumbles upon the case of Cade's father and finds more than what she bargained for.

But when she presents her evidence to Cade he brushes her off, that is until her witness turns up dead, and Cade is hell bent on protecting her at all costs. But even as passion flares between them Cade knows Kylie is holding back and then she walks out the door. How unlucky can one man get?

This book was just as the rest of the series completely and utterly stunning from the first page till the very last word written! I loved the character of Cade from the start, the man is not afraid to show what he feels and let's face it when a all too gorgeous man wants to protect you from harm, which woman is going to argue with that?

I did at one stage feel like I wanted to give him a good old fashioned head-slap, because he feels Kylie holding back but does not try to discover the actual reason, he is more focused on their passion. This showed him as we all mostly react most of the time. We live in the moment when we feel too much, and instead of trying to analyse it we rather take it as the good time we have been longing for. Through this character the author showed that when we get that 'here's a good thing going on " feeling we must not forget to remember there is another person's feelings and action in the deal, don't just focus on yourself and only surface focus on the other person. Tune in on everything around you.

The character of Kylie, broke my heart. It was so sad that she has been dealt such a truly hard blow in life with her family crisis and the media digging in on her and her sister and then just when she thought she was doing a good job she ends up smack bang in the middle of a years old mystery and with her life hanging in the balance. No woman needs all of that! But what intrigued me most about the character was how the author let's her blossom into a stronger and more powerful woman then Kylie starts out to be, sure this happens in most romance reads but what the author did was let the guidance of others make the character stronger rather than the fearful actions she needs to face, which is what normally happens in reads of this kind, very awesome touch Kristi!

I loved the action, the thrill of the chase, the mystery and the passionate romance in this read, I highly recommend this for all Kristy Avalon fans, this time she has outdone herself even more than I thought she could. I honestly did not see her getting even better at her writing yet she has proven me wrong and taken her characters and writing to a whole new level of brilliance!

I truly hope we get the next part of this series very SOON!

5/5 star review
" He takes her in every way possible, but can he hold onto her? "