Coming to Terms with Love by Dilys J. Carnie

Reviewed by Desere 

This was a wonderful book about two people coming to terms with their feelings and learning to deal with the past and a future that may or may not be the best path to take.

The book is number three from the author's Fitzgerlad Brothers series, and just like the first two times around she entertained with dramatic flare and emotional tenderness.

The read tells about Beth, she carries the scars of childbirth and recons no man will ever want to look at her again. She fails to see the beauty that is still there, and only focuses on making sure nothing and no one will ever harm her son.

But when she comes face to face with make my heart melt Corey she very soon learns , that what Corey wants Corey always gets.

However knowing that Corey wants her is not enough, if she were to get involved with him he would see the hidden woman she works so hard to keep hidden from the world of men.

Corey however as I said always gets what he wants and he pulls out all the stops to get the woman he has fallen for. He too has his own issues on the new found feelings of wanting to have a family of his own to keep, but when Beth and her son's life come into danger he refuses to let go of them, and if he has to use ever Navy Seal trick he learned to protect and keep them in his life then he for darn sure will, no matter how badly Beth tries to push him away.

The character of Corey was one of those perfect hero's that you just want to grab and stay in his arms forever. He is a fierce protector and all out " I fight for what I want" man! I really liked how the author let him overrule the voices in his head. It takes a strong person to be able to tell the voices of doubt in your mind to take a hike and instead fight for what your heart is telling you it is you need. For me this made Corey even more sexy and the man totally melted my defenses.

The character of Beth broke my heart! I cried so badly for her and her struggles. It is very sad to know that some woman lose all confidence because of their past. No woman should ever have to think that they are no longer any less beautiful then they were simply because of a having a child. The author showed that by having the right person in your life you will be shown that the beauty is still there, it is only hidden on the inside and that light shining from inside is what makes the outside more beautiful than anything in the world.

The read was dramatic, emotional and heartfelt, and I loved every minute of it! I recommend this read for all fans of this author's work. She uses a unique blend of realism, passion and deep emotion that will have you hanging onto every word.

I am taking a message of life has up's and down's but they only keep you down if you let them. If the time comes to stand up, then do it, staying down will only break you and in the end there will be nothing left to live for. And never just stand up for others, stand up for yourself it is just as vital as having someone there to support you in all you do.

4.5 star review
" His terms don't include letting her go"