The Chatsfield Book Two : Playboy's Lesson by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Desere

This read was as delightful as it was sinfully naughty! We have the seriously buttoned up princess Charlotte who prefers to hide behind glasses and old maiden clothes and the super sexy playboy, Lucca that brings out the wild side of her with one kiss.

But to Lucca this is just another notch on his bedpost. The fact that Charlotte is the one and only woman he has ever spent more than one night with is no big deal nor,  is the fact that he let's her see what the world will never see, the true him.

He prefers to stay the ruthless give them the best sex ever and move on to the next one playboy image he has always been. And come the end of the month Charlotte will be last month's flavor and forgotten, it's as simple as that.

The character of Lucca was super, super hot but such an ass at times I wanted to fling a hot frying pan his way! The man infuriated me like no other character has ever done before.

I very much enjoyed his jokes and playful sayings but I found myself growing very annoyed with him hiding behind a image that simply is not him,  I wanted to challenge him and draw him out. So of course Charlotte being the key to doing just this was perfect and I very much liked seeing him knocked from his high horse every now and then.

The character of Charlotte was a very interesting one. She pretty much the same as Lucca hides from the world but Lucca sets her loose with a wilder than wild kiss she becomes this amazing knock your socks off heroine that made me jump up and shout " Finally !!! " Her hiding behind a dreadfully old look did not make me as angry as Lucca doing pretty much the same, for her reasoning behind it seemed much more valid. But am not going to give it all away, you will just have to read!

The most fun in this read was without a doubt seeing the tables turn on the characters, we have sexier than sin Lucca going from playful playboy to deep, dark and retreated soul, and always hidden Charlotte changing into this ray of sunshine that cannot be missed.

The level of passion and naughtiness in this read was scorching hot, hotter and naughtier than I have seen this author do before, I honestly found myself more than once thinking I was reading a Blaze book and not a HP.

The twist and turns of the plot with the mixture of the author's brilliant writing and super new spicy naughtiness made this read a true gem! Everything blended together so extremely well that had I not been a fan before this book would have sucked me in for life.

I am taking a message of hiding behind a personally you are not, will never get you anywhere. Let the world see the real you, they might not like it but they will learn to live with it and best of all you will be happy to know you got out there and let them see who you really are.

I highly recommend this read for all romance addicts out there. It had hotter than hot passion , exquisite emotion and an amazing story that will remain with you for all eternity.

5/5 star review
" The Princess of Ice teaches the playboy a lesson in playing with fire " 

Reviewed by Nas

PLAYBOY’S LESSON by USA Bestselling author Melanie Milburne is a Harlequin Presents release for June 2014.

Lucca Chatsfield went a step too far for his family, when he was photographed naked with his hands cuffed to the bed. And they threatened to cut him off from the trust fund. Unless he went and helped prim and proper Princess Charlotte plan her sister’s wedding.

Princess Charlotte didn’t want him anywhere near her as his reputation preceded him. But she couldn’t deny the attraction she felt for him. Could they have a fling and move on from it? Could this playboy learn a lesson at last from the princess?

PLAYBOY’S LESSON is shimmering with sensuality and sensitivity. It is a royal romance about the spare heir-the ugly duckling. How she is not appreciated but gets her heart’s desire when she falls in love with the most gorgeous man ever. Author Melanie Milburne’s proves yet again that she is a master story teller with this royal romance. The twists and turns in the plot is a pleasure to read.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.