Beach Bar Baby by Heidi Rice

Beach Bar Baby

Reviewed by Desere 

Going on a solo vacation to fun filled Bermuda sounds like a dream come true. However once there every one will tell you that the more you see of the couples holding hands, making out on the beach and get into the wet and wild side of things whilst playing in the ocean waves, the more you get the message that you're there all alone and none of the action will be coming your way.

That is unless you are the heroine in a Heidi Rice book. Beach Bar Baby tells the very long awaited story of Ella. I first met Ella in the super hot Cupcakes and Killer Heals many moons ago, and back then she was just a glimmer of "I wonder what her story is?" fading into the background.

I was delighted to hear the author had finally penned down all the details of Ella's story. Now as I mentioned Ella is pretty much feeling very sorry for herself as she sits and watches couples get smooch up to each other and she is getting none of the action.

That is until the very sexy, very tanned, very ripped and more than willing to make all her sexual fantasies come true Cooper shows up. After a couple of drinks and getting to know all you can to know about the person you're about to sleep with  they spend one sinful night together and the next morning Ella 's gone.

Cooper and his go get 'em attitude does not let this stop him from finding her again only when he does he notices a difference. She's still pretty and still very much tuns him one faster than a potent mix of rum and cocktails goes to you head, but she is also a heck of a lot more curvier than he remembers and once she drops the reason why Cooper is for darn sure that this is the one and only time in his life he has ever regretted taking a beautiful woman to bed.

I loved this read from start to finish. It was so much crazy fun to read I had bouts of laughter and people close by staring at me like I was some kind of crazy loon, it is not every day you find me bursting out in uncontrollable fits of laughter when reading solo in a corner, not the mention me snorting my coffee all over!

The character of Cooper was a bit of a ass at first, and all I wanted to do was bash his head in to see if that would snap him out of his utter blindness at Ella's feelings.

Ella's character was really nice to read, I liked that she was so very scared of everything happening yet she still pushed forward to try and make any valid point that she knew was needed.

The author did a brilliant job at taking a everyday occurrence, and yes also commonly found in romance books, and letting it play out with wild crazy humor and sweet sexy passion. Usually reads of this nature have a lot more of the emotional happening and none of the fun stuff in between such as jokes and laughing together. It was if I was reading about a couple expecting first child after the fairy-tale wedding ,yet I knew better because the relationship of Ella and Cooper is everything but the happy couple playing house.

I recommend this read for all fans of fun romantic reads. It is the perfect afternoon pick me up read!

5/5 star review
" It happened one night at the beach bar and now they're both screwed"