Snowball's Chance by Cherry Adair

Snowball's Chance Enhanced Novella Collector's Edition

Reviewed by Desere

Tortured by a truly sick bastard and always living in fear of him coming back for her Kendall has worked hard to keep it all together and not fall apart at every single sound she hears in the night.

Unfortunately her fears come true when the news hits of the escape of the one man that has and still can make her blood turn to ice and send a fear more powerful than chains running down her spine.

She hires the best of the best to protect her, Joe Zorn. Joe knows the rules of the game, get in, protect the client at all costs, kill if needed and never get personal.

But Kendall's fear does more than just a number on his senses and soon they get hot and heavy in the cold of night. He keeps her warm, safe and protected, that is until the killer once again takes her and Joe has to give more than just his very best to protect the woman he has come to care for.

This was a very short but very awesome read! I am always amazed when I find short reads that can actually capture all the action, drama and passion I need from a romantic suspense in less than 10 chapters. So many times I find short reads that fall completely flat at the attempt of the author to capture it all and then only does so half way.

Cherry Adair is not one of those authors. She gave me all the action and drama I could ask for, all the heat and blazing hot passion I wanted and so much more. And in true Cherry Adair fashion the ending is fun, creative and memorable.

The character of Kendall was a very wow and in your face heroine, I loved that she refused to go down without a fight. It takes a special kind of woman to be tortured for days, then have the bastard come back for her to do it all over again and to then still stand up and make sure he knows if she 's going down he's going down with her. Excellent work Cherry!

And Joe, oh my Joe was just all kinds of perfect "Come save me, save me now" excellence!

I recommend this read for all fans of short kick ass reads, it 's fun, oh so very sexy and a pure delight for the adventurer!

" Ain't no snowball's chance in hell they'll go down without a fight"