Dangerously HOT by Lynn Raye Harris

Reviewed by Desere

The sexy, bad-ass, hotter than hot, more kick-ass then 007 and Bruce Willis ever will be men of HOT are back!!

Once again the author has created a masterpiece filled with loads of action, drama, intense passion, guns blazing, car chasing, fight to stay alive, uncovering of secrets and mind-blowing awesomeness.

This time around I finally got behind what exactly the deal with Kevin "Kev" McDonald is and just why he tip toes around the one and only woman he has ever really, truly wanted, and just what exactly will happen once he finally has Lucky in his arms.

Lucky has been minding her own business after being kept prisoner by a madman, who had inflicted more than just emotional torture on her for days on end.

The death of her husband sealed her decision and instead of going back to her old life before the kidnapping she now spends her days surfing and trying not to think of anything that happened, not the death of her husband, not the torture she had to endure, after all the bastard is dead. But the one thing she cannot stop thinking about is Kevin, sweet, kind and considerate Kevin who had rescued her, kissed her senseless and then the ass walked away!

Kevin has just been informed of his latest mission, the terrorist who is responsible for the death of two of HOT's best men and the torture of Lucky is still alive.  But no one knows for sure what he looks or sounds like, except Lucky.

He has to find her, convince her to come help find and identify the bastard and then the men of HOT can bring the bastard down once and for all. Easy, right? Well for any of the other guys this would be, but for Kevin this means seeing the only woman he has wants and cannot have, and a range of emotions he simply does not want to face. But an order is a order and he has to carry this out not matter what, and there is no way he will let Lucky get hurt again.

I love the HOT series to bits, the intense action is a thrilling ride and an adventure you will never forget, and this time the author outdid herself! The story of Kevin and Lucky was absolutely spellbinding. It rocked me to my very core, tore open my heart and the author made the magic happen with a ending that healed my torn soul over and over again.

The character of Kevin was as can be expected a bad-ass totally and very dangerously hot man, but his softer more caring side shone through so beautifully it made me wish I could be lucky enough to be his center of attention, even if for just a moment. His personal issues was a huge surprise, as the author only gave me glimpses in the previous reads, and wanting to know just what is up with him made me await this read with more than just eager anticipation. But when the author reveals just what makes Kevin tick, I was shocked and over and over I kept thinking " Man I did NOT see this coming!". Excellent work Lynn!

The character of Lucky was so awesome, I love a good strong and feisty heroine that can go through hell and come back fighting more fiercely than a bat out of hell! I very much enjoyed seeing how she rebuild her strength physically and mentally. And I adored that Kevin is the one to push her at every corner to show her she can and will do whatever is needed to win, she 's a real 'ball-buster' of the very best kind.

There was never a dull moment in this read, it had funny moments, passionate encounters, kick-ass action and a plot so superb it will never fade from your mind. And what makes it even more amazing is the level of brilliance used by the author when she takes you deep into the heart of the action and the emotions of the characters,  I CAN'T wait for the next HOT hero to make his story known.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of amazing romantic suspense reads, I am totally lying, I recommend the entire series for everyone, it is so good you will just like myself be hanging onto every word, every piece of action, every drop of adrenalin and begging to be trapped in a world of pure writing excellence!

5/5 star review
" Danger has never been this HOT!"