Flirting With The Socialite Doc by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Desere

For anyone that needs to make a temporary fresh start in a new town, things can seem awkward and completely out of place. People do things differently and it takes more than just a few rounds to learn everyone and just what is done and what is not done.

But mistaking the local cop for a stripper, now that is something not everyone will do or be able to live down.  This little mistaken identity not only understandably embarrasses Isabella but also puts her front and center as the main focus of attention for I'll cuff you now and spend the rest of my life making you mine Zach.

Zach knows he should not flirt with Isabella but there is something about her that fascinates him and he just can't seem to help himself.

A fling quickly develops and soon becomes much more for them both, but Isabella has a life back home and Zach has his, making the ends meet can never happen.

This book was so very fun and romantic from start to finish. I loved the stripper idea, it had me laughing out load and saying " Thank you Melanie Milburne! This is what makes a medical fun to read!"

The characters were well written and I adored the family town idea so very much, it gave me this warm and wonderful feeling of home is where the heart of the people are. The town's people being so friendly also showed the character of Isabella in a complete different light than in the start of the read, and this proved to me that when we are among the right people all of our good qualities that we never even knew we had will surface and always for the better.

The character of Zach was super awesome to read about. I fell for him very quickly, after all the man is one tall order of good looking and a "stripper" to top it off, what's not to love? I very much enjoyed how the author let him wrestle with the "should I or should I not flirt ?" idea it knocked him from his 'my world my rules' pedestal just a little and made for delightful reading material.

The character of Isabella, was the one that tore me up, I cried for her pain and the pure frustration she feels at trying to bring her life back into perspective. I felt her pain and it reminded me that sometimes it does take a good wake up call and change of life or even as in this case a new town to show us that we were on the wrong road.

I am taking a message of when you love someone, you need to say it. The person might not say it back, but at least you had the courage to say it. And when you love someone it is never about where you love them, but it is enough that they are with you.

4.5 star review
" The stripper arrests the doc for stealing his heart" 


Reviewed by Nas

FLIRTING WITH THE SOCIALITE DOC by author Melanie Milburne is April 2014 release by Mills & Boon and Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Dr. Isabella Courtney moves to Outback Australia for a few months only to get away from her family and broken engagement.

The local cop, Zach Fletcher drops in on her welcome party and she mistakes him for a stripper. Now, this would be a hard thing to live down. But Isabella and Zach share unique chemistry and very soon they give in to their passion and start a fling. Because as Zach says, “They don’t have time for promises.”
Would this fling turn into something long term? Could Isabella stay on? What about her aristocratic life back in England?

FLIRTING WITH THE SOCIALITE DOC is a well written romance amid the medical drama. It was an emotionally uplifting story. Author Melanie Milburne’s story-telling makes the characters come alive on the pages and the reader is personally involved in their happiness and craves the resolution as deeply as they do. This is a story about recovering from past guilt and grief and moving forward. The premise was wonderful and story moved along very fast.

I loved this story and highly recommend it.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by TashNZ

Melanie Milburne's Flirting with the Socialite Doc
I would read the phone-book if I was told Melanie Milburne wrote it but to be honest I haven’t read many of Melanie’s medicals so I was super excited to be lucky enough to receive Flirting with the Socialite Doc, which just happens to be a 2 in 1 with Lucy Clark, His Diamond Like No Other.

The Australian Outback, always a fabulous setting for Romance is home to Zach, Jerringa Ridge's local Sargeant (who had me at hello by the way).  He's  returned to Jerringa Ridge with his broken heart in tow and to help with his father's recovery after he suffered a nasty accident.  Love is the absolutely last thing he has on his mind.

Lady (yes, a Lady) and Doctor Izzy Courtney has arrived in Jerringa Ridge, the first of her six one-month locums she's doing in outback Australia, the complete opposite of the world she comes from in England and we first meet her worrying about what on earth her best friend from afar has organised for her birthday. When Zach walks in, in his uniform, Izzy panics.  The last thing she wants is a stripper and demands Zach leave.  This had me in hysterics!  

During the course of Flirting with the Socialite Doc we learn by Lady Izzy has become a Doctor, why she's trying to move far away from her rich English life.  We find out why Zach's got a hardend view of the world and we watch as Izzy and Zach thaw and and notice each other.

With the overseeing of Zach's father and with town folk accidents Izzy and Zach work together quite closely and the two go with it.  Mixed in with that are the lovely townfolk and as with all great outback stories the characters involved are full of depth.  I really liked Zach's Dad, a proud and stubborn man and I loved watching the relationship build.  I really enjoyed the towns folk who popped up in the story but most of all I loved following the development and growth of Izzy and Zach's relationship all the way thru to the will-she-stay-will-she-go moment.   

I spent a lot of time smiling during this story, I laughed and I almost cried.  I really enjoyed all the characters, the medical moments and the warm feel good feeling I got when I finished.

I love the "Dear Reader" parts at the beginning of books written by the author and in this one Melanie shares how she's writing this story while on a tour bus out in the outback.  How amazing that such a setting helped Melanie dream up Zach and Izzy.

You can be guaranteed with any Melanie Milburne stories to have a great read, the words and story flow and you’re always sad to reach the last page, Flirting is no different.  Don’t go past if you’re a Medical fan or a Melanie Milburne fan, or any romance fan really :)