The Heir to the Castle by Scarlet Wilson

The Heir of the Castle

Reviewed by Desere 

This was a very enjoyable read, with lots of nice and heartfelt romance. We have Callan who suddenly has to make decisions about inheritance, and he is so not ready for it. But life deals cards we all have to deal with and he does just this.

Only his perfect plan to get the help of lawyer Laurie to make things go according to plan goes wrong in the most delightful of ways. He falls for her hook line and sinker, and Laurie not only falls for him but she falls in love with the magic of the Annick Castle.

Only the place is meant to be sold right, Callan wants to move on and Laurie has her life in London right ? No, no and no again! The author did a great job at showing how two people not only find heaven in each others arms but happiness in a place neither one ever thought of as home.

I enjoyed the characters, they were well written quite the delight to read. The book had sweet and tender romance and very good emotion.  The character of Callan reminded me that we think we need to get rid of certain things in life but when the time comes and we do let go, what about the memories?

Those never fade, they will always stay with us, so letting go of something simply because you don't want to deal with the memories, you should rather create new memories to replace the bad ones, or no matter where you go the memories will just follow you and eventually send you into despair and regret for not dealing with it head on.

The character of Laurie was pure mischief, I really liked her very much. She gave the read that special kind of " This is romance and life " feel over and over again . And through this character the author showed just how good a new, fresh start can be the one thing that puts life into perspective for us.

I recommend this read for fans who like good, heartfelt and emotional reads with lots of sweet and tender emotion.

4 star review
" This castle is about to become a home" 

Reviewed by Alexia "Janie" Evans

Heir of the Castle by Scarlet Wilson

Laurie Jenkins is a hardworking young Lawyer who is in need of a vacation.  What she gets is a notice saying that she is one of several heirs to Annick Castle and that it belonged to a Grandfather she never knew.  The stipulation of the will is that she attend a murder mystery at the castle, and at the end of the weekend be the one person who figures out who the murderer is.

When Laurie arrives she is met by Callan, who was friends with her Grandfather.  She was more interested in the history of the castle and the grounds than of what the castle held inside.  Her relatives were more impressed what items they'd be able to sell.  Laurie and Callan strike up a friendship that turns into more.

You'll enjoy this story too.  4 out of 5 stars.