A Debt paid in Passion by Dani Collins

Reviewed by Desere

All of us know the " I will do anything for my family" line well. Even if you and your siblings have countless arguments, when they are in need of urgent help you will be there with bells on, ready help them take on the world!

Unfortunately sometimes we need to break the rules a little to help those we love, it is never right and when it's criminal then it's most likely the lowest most despicable thing you have ever done.  Yes, you could look the other way and leave your family to their own devices or try to find another way to help them, either way the issue will lurk around in the back of your mind until you do something about it.

Going the criminal route is never the answer and there is always another way, but for the heroine, Sirena,  in this read, she just simply sees no other way, and she is planing on repairing the damage before anyone finds out so there should be no harm done.

The plan is simple, 'borrow ' the money and put it back before her boss, the impossible and very yummy Raoul finds out.  The plan does not include falling for his charm and ending up in bed with him, or having the best sexual encounter of her life !

The plan goes from a bad idea to being the worst mistake of her life when Raoul not only finds out about the stolen money , but also reckons she only slept with him for this very reason and not because she wanted him as badly as he wanted her. And right here is where this book got super fabulous, Raoul does not take your average Harlequin Presents hero's action and say " It's okay, you will pay by being at my beck and call when I am in the mood for you", nope he files charges against her and she is almost sent to jail!

But getting only a fine instead of going to jail is so not where this read's dramatic awesomeness ends, it gets even more fabulous when Sirena faints after the court hearing and Raoul finds out her secret, the question is what will he do about it? Make her pay by extracting is own special blend of revenge or go after the heart of the woman he has fallen for?

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book to the point of distraction! The character of Rauol was so awesome, I was fully on his side with wanting to see Sirena pay for her actions , as I could understand his hurt and the way things looked from his point of view, no one likes being used. What grabbed my attention about him the most is his very awesome turn around in personality. He goes from full out " I want revenge " mode to utterly delicious, make my knees go weak, sweet and tender hero material. Through this character the author showed that we all have a good side, we appear tough to the world but it is most of the time just because we were hurt in the process of life. When we look at things from the other person's perspective it helps us to find the kind and tender person we all are.

The character of Sirena broke my heart, I cried so badly for her, over and over again. I loved that she fights so hard to try and be a good person , yet her actions of course shout out to the world  " I am bad to the bone". It showed me that sometimes we all get in trouble for reasons that are ours and ours alone, yet because we are panicked we try to tell ourselves what we are doing is not wrong it is just a moment of " I have not other choice", without stopping to think there has to be a better and more honest way that won't let us look at our very worst to the rest of the world.

I loved how the author took the read from the normal everyday romance read to a completely new fun and fresh " Did not see that coming" read. The entire read from the moment the heroine's secret is revealed had me hanging on the edge of my seat. The blazing hot passion, the very true real emotion into the characters issues, the stunning ending it all just blended to perfection!

I am taking away a message of life does give us more than we can deal with at times when we feel we don't have the resources to deal with anything . But instead of trying to hide behind reasons that only our heads tell us are right , we need to stop and listen to our hearts, we might just find that there are other ways of achieving what we need, and who knows along the way we might even learn to love for all the right reasons.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of super hot and sexy romance reads with mind blowing twists and turns!

5/5 star review
" A debt paid in passion leads to a whole new set of rules"