The Last Temptation of Dr Dalton by Robin Gianna

Reviewed by Nas 

THE LAST TEMPTATION OF DR DALTON by author Robin Gianna is a Harlequin and Mills & Boon Medical Romance series for April 2014.

Charlotte Edwards is the director of a mission hospital in an African country. She has a fiery one night fling with gorgeous Dr Trent Dalton, as he was leaving the next morning. Then she had to ask him to stay on as there was an emergency situation.

Could they continue their fling now? They had sizzling chemistry but could it lead to something more? Then Trent finds that Charlotte has lied to him. It brought back his past and he goes off. Would she go after him now?

THE LAST TEMPTATION OF DR DALTON is a story about trusts and betrayal. It’s also a story of sizzling chemistry and happy ever after. Author Robin Gianna brought this story full of atmospheric details of the mission hospital and medical drama there. A reader would stay entranced through to the last page.

Recommended for all lovers of medical romance.

Reviewed by Desere

Being in control at all times is not always the best approach in life, you become so dependent on your own set of rules that everything and everyone else becomes a blur.

And after a while you are a very unlikable person, that no one wants to try to reason with, because all it will end with is them walking away from a argument and you once again winning and carrying on with your rules.

In the new read from Robin Gianna this is Charlotte Edwards, she is always cool, calm, collected and most importantly in control. She is the one that will drive when driving is to be done, she will take the lead in doing what ever needs to be done, end of discussion!

But when she has one seriously hot sexy night of passion with Dr Trent Dalton it is the one time she decides to let go of control and instead be controlled. It however only lasts briefly and the next morning she is back in control and ready to take on the world. But when she realizes she needs Trent's help she has no choice but to bury her pride and the awkwardness and beg for his help.

Trent knows that mixing business with pleasure can only lead to trouble, yet the overpowering urge to let Miss Always In Control of her world loose control and fall from her perfect pedestal is so strong he cannot let the chance slip. And because she is so addictive he eagerly agrees to help her, that is until he learns her real reasons for keeping him around. He has no time for this lie to me to use me facade and takes off, and even if she follows him he will never believe her lies again.

This was a very lovely read set in a stunning far out there setting with loads of medical drama and intense bounce from here to there romance. The characters were well written and Trent stole my heart from the start.

I very much enjoyed that how the author incorporated the trust and betrayal elements in this read, it has been done so many times before, but this author gave it a new and fresh turn with events unfolding in the not so usual manner.

Trent was sweet, kind and oh so very sexy, and bonus a Dr! But what stood out for me the most was how he hard he tries to avoid his feelings for Charlotte yet goes against everything his instincts tell him, it showed me that just as in real life, you tend to know it will be bad for you but you keep chasing the idea because there is a little something that tells you this time it will be different. The trick of course is to listen that that nagging little voice instead of of telling it to keep quiet, that could be the worst mistake you ever make.

Charlotte was a fun and feisty character, I liked her being bossy it showed her as many woman need to be, be able to stand up for yourself, but she did push the limit too much, and this reminded me of so many woman of today, you are in control , you can do anything a man can do only better, but if you let this little 'magical power' over rule everything else you are for darn sure going to end up a lonely and heartbroken empty shell!  Don't always think you know best.

I am taking away a message of life will bring many issues of trust and betrayals our way, it will only rule your life if you let it!

I recommend this read for all fans of medical romance reads, the author's writing has the perfect new and fresh feel about it with the perfect dose of twist and turns that make for fabulous reading.

5/5 star review
" First she begs for more in his arms, then she has to beg for him to believe her" 


Reviewed by: Janie Evans

Charlotte Edwards is used to controlling every aspect of her life.  Dr. Trent Dalton has issues of trust and uses women for pleasure and one night affairs rather than long lasting relationships.

What turns out to be one night of passion between, since Trent was supposed to leave the hospital for a new post, turns into something more.  The Dr. taking over his post falsified his records and Dr. Dalton is needed to save a child.  

As Charlotte and sexy Trent are brought together they learn more about each other.  Passion takes over but a lie will pull them apart.  Will their past insecurities come between them?  You'll need to find out.  

5 out of 5 stars For Robin Gianna's "The Last Tempataion of Dr. Dalton."  You'll enjoy this wonderful, easy read that has you wondering if Charlotte and Trent love will endure.

Reviewed by Maria

When Charlotte Edwards, the administrator of a mission hospital in the African state of Liberia, throws caution to the wind and indulges in a night of passion with Trent Dalton, a temporary doctor, she knows she’d never see him again, so it doesn’t matter.  The very next day, she’s forced to go to the airport and beg him to return, as his placement is totally unsuitable.  Mercifully, he postpones his travel plans in order to help out, but now she’s faced with the total embarrassment of her one night of indiscretion coming back to haunt her again and again….

Trent?  He likes to love ‘em and leave ‘em.   A man who comes from a privileged background, he wants to make his own mark on the world.  He wants to use his surgical skills to make a difference to people’s lives and not to have to live up to the reputation of his family, who have enough money and renown to make it possible for him to lead a life of wealth and ease.  What he doesn’t understand is Charlotte’s passion for setting up a plastic surgery unit in a mission field.  Is cosmetic surgery the aim of a mission hospital?  Surely just saving lives is more important?

Can this pair of misfits ever get together in the true sense, rather than in a one-off encounter?  That’s the question and I have to say that I found this a story told with wit, warmth and humor.  It was also wonderful to get a chance to visit Liberia, a country about which I’ve always been curious.  An English-speaking state, set up by freed American slaves.  Get a copy of this book, read and enjoy.  Although Harlequin M&B books tend to go out of print after a very short time, ebooks are always available.  I totally heart this book and recommend it to readers of romance, medical, contemporary and otherwise.