F_ck Normal by Mickey J. Corrigan

F*ck Normal

Reviewed by Desere

Every girl wants to marry a man who is smart and good looking, add some tenderness and you have the right kind of man. But what happens when you have been married to him for ten years and suddenly it all goes to heck?

He ends up sleeping on the couch in the den, dreaming about other woman. And you, well you see how fast you can spend the hard earned cash he brings in whilst doing a little bit of fantasizing yourself.

With that of course not sounding like a happy and ideal marriage the couple in this read obviously need urgent help. The help comes in the form of a high end Palm Beach therapist who tells them to return to the land of the normal people.

But very soon things get more than just out of hand as the couple go from no sex and no proper communication to full blown chaos, then they both start to think and then it hits them, normal , who needs normal when you can be wild, but of course neither one knows the other one's thoughts.

This was a rather out there read, but this what I have come to expect from this author,she takes everyday happenings and pushes the boundaries by showing what happens when the real life actions are taken, because let's face it everyone out there tries something new to save a relationship, they are usually just not confident enough to admit it, which is completely fine because everyone as a right to privacy.

But yes the actions of the characters especially those of our heroine were a bit eye brow raising to me, she get's herself into more trouble than pleasure but this is also what teaches her the message she needs to hear.

A message of when you want to fix your marriage start at home, don't always immediately go and involve strangers and go seeking wild and weird bald sex crazed men to furful your fantasies.

I recommend this read for fans that don't mind a little bit of the crazy , and who don't cringe at a swear word or two , you will take away a valuable message of communication is always vital and of course only you know your wild side not some quack that thinks they can fix everything by labeling you into a perfect so does not exist normal world.

4 star review
" Normal is not always the answer to all problems,sometimes we need to get a little wild to see the wonderful"