Matched to a Prince by Kat Cantrell

Matched to a Prince

Reviewed by Desere

Kat Cantrell is fast becoming one of those 'authors to look out for' with her vividly realistic, passionate I won't forget this book stories that she blends together with stunning exotic locations and memorable romance.

In her latest book we meet Prince Alain Finn Phineas he's young, super sexy, always on the go and a man of honor, always protecting his country and will defend his people in any situation, to sum it up he's a young, hot prince who is always in control.

The one thing he's not in control of however is whom to marry, he wants a woman that will help him forget his daily duties and offer an escape to their very own personal paradise. Once he thought he had found the perfect woman but Juliet betrayed him. Therefore his father's idea of an arranged marriage to a woman he can hopefully be friends with is not all that bad, after all he does not want his heart ripped to shreds again.

But when his father suggests a matchmaking company in order to find the perfect match, and the match comes back as none other than Juliet herself, looking very much the lady and not the woman he remembers Finn is not only entranced by her beauty and elegance but also very much still attracted to her, but his hatred for her is far stronger than his desire right? And as for Juliet, she want nothing to do with the man that betrayed her when she needed him the most, if her body would just listen !

I totally loved this book so very, very much! It was sweet, sensual and oh so very sexy. Finn was quite the intriguing character as was Juliet. Them both thinking betrayal was really neat, so often this line of books have just one character that thinks the other betrayed them so it was fun to read about a couple that both think the same. It made for a very nice couple of intense "oh my here it comes" moments that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The ending was the deal breaker in this read for me , simply because right through out the read I kept expecting neither one of the main character to make a compromise and I kept thinking about which way the author would work her magic into bringing them together, and I must tell you what she eventually does do, not only made it perfect ( all I will say is ladies this is something we all want to see men do every now and then) but gave me a tears of joy and a little giggle too!

I am taking away a message of life is hard, so hard sometimes that everything feels too much and men end up doing body shots of hot blondes or us none so smart woman don't need to see it and instead run from it, but it is never so hard that it can't be overcome with a little compromise here and there. Don't go changing your entire life and appearance but try to see it from the other person's perspective and make the compromise in the end you might be more than a little surprised at how good it all works out.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance with Cinderella like twists and romance so strong and passionate it simply can't be ignored!

5/5 star review
" She's holds the key to his heart, all she has to do is turn it to unlock their happiness"