On The Wilde Side by Sandra Marton

On The Wilde Side (In Wilde Country, #0.5)

Reviewed by Desere

In Wilde Country is the latest addition to the Wilde series from Sandra Marton.

Right throughout the first six books from the series whilst we learned about the lives of the Wilde brothers and sisters there was their father the General lurking in the background, away on business or vacation, but not far from the minds of his children.

In the last read where we got to learn about the life of what we thought to be the final sister all readers were left in wonder as the author let the read end with quite the remarkably interesting cliffhanger.

So of course all of us has been waiting for the next part to find out what exactly is going on as the General returns to the El Sueno ranch but not return alone.  With him he brings his two Italian sons and two Italian daughters, from another marriage , a secret marriage to be exact, and the sparks start to fly.

But before we get to read about the reactions of the Wilde brothers and sisters and just how they plan on handling their new found siblings we are taken back to the past as the author delves into the life of the General and just why he has two families and why he's the cold, harder than ice man everyone thinks him to be.

The author gives us the complete lowdown on how he ended up with a double family and how his past decisions, the pressure to be the man his father needed his brother to be, the death of his mother and brother turned him into a man that has eaten more than he can swallow. But she also shows that the General has a heart of gold under the cold strict army exterior and never walks away from his responsibilities.

It was a short read and takes only about forty five minutes to read, and ends in yet another cliffhanging moment that sets the scene into the lives of the new additions to the family, which means four more delicious books.

I recommend fans that have been following the lives of the Wildes to read this one, it will take you into the perfect past setting play out to know just enough of why the General 's life is about to get more than just complicated.

4 star review

" Sex, gambling with lives and a heart of compassion get's a man into more trouble than any man 
can handle" 

Reviewed by Maria

This is the prequel  to  Sandra Marton’s spectacular Wilde series, that  sequence of romance novels featuring members of the high achieving Wilde family, of El Sueno  Ranch in Texas.   Ms  Marton is one hell of a storyteller, who gives us the story of  Johnny Wilde, the family patriarch, the daddy of all the Wildes. 
As one would expect, it’s an out-of-the-ordinary tale.  

Well, the story of a man who sired a family of ten children with three different mothers would have to be.  It gives us a unique glimpse into the mind of a man who should not be remembered just as a bigamist.  Johnny Wilde, the US army general and West Point graduate, is a man who has lived hard and loved passionately – sometimes too much so.  But the story is a readable one and allows us to get a glimpse of a man we’ve only ever seen as a gruff and somewhat inscrutable patriarch.  The man who sired Jacob, Caleb and Travis Wilde, not to mention Luca and Matteo,  could not but be a man among men!  And let’s not forget those beautiful, gutsy women, his daughters,  Emily, Jaimie and Lissa, plus the two girls borne to him by his Italian wife.  That’s quite a family he has there, so naturally, the story of the charismatic Johnny Wilde, in his motorcycle leathers, is a must read for fans of this series.  And who knows if it won’t  pick up some new fans for the series along the way. 

The life and times of a man who married bigamously – that story has equally repelled and fascinated me, especially ever  since I learned, on my last trip to Ireland, about an elderly relative who once maintained two separate families, each unaware of the other’s existence, on either side of the Irish sea.  Into what  category could you slot such a man?  Is he a liar and a cad?  Or as Shakespeare might put it, a man more sinned against than sinning?  There’s something unique and amazing about a guy who can pull a stunt like that, not to mention get away with it for years.

A wonderful, five star read from a top-class romance author.  Grab your copy.

I received a review copy of this book in exchange  for an honest review.