First Responders Volume One by Donna Alward

Reviewed by Desere

I have always had a really strong love for the firstresponders of our world. They risk their lives to save our's at a very high cost. They are the real hero's of the world and no matter what they will always be there. But just like the rest of us they are human and they have lives, hopes and dreams.

They hurt and love just like we do, so of course being a reading junkie I completely adore books focused on the lives of firstresponders. And who better to tell us about it then the fabulous Donna Alward!

In this volume one of two I was taken on two journeys of romance, passion, suspense and mind blowing wow factors !

The first read Off the Clock is about paramedic Gabe Brenner, he witnesses an car accident and of course naturally rushes in to help, what he finds is his best friend's sister in the car and she's pregnant!

There has always been a deep connection between them, but Carly is has just walked away from a crumbling marriage and is not ready to start anything up with anyone. Only she does not count on Gabe finally after all these years try anything and everything within his power to convince her that he has been waiting for her and this time he is not letting her go.

I love this read very much, being a novella the romance develops fast but not at a too fast pace. It had just that right balance of second chances mixed with everything happens for a reason. The characters were well written and the story it self hit all the second chances notes I as reader need to fully enjoy a good old fashioned second chances read.

At the end of the read I took away the message that most people think it is all over when they are alone, but there is always someone that will want to help you, all you need to do is give them the chance.

5/5 star review
" The clock of romance ticks at the just the right minute" 

The second read in the book tells of a ex soldier Jake, ever since the first time they met he has been a thorn in Constable Kendra Givens's side, she had to put his sexy butt in a cell, her job but still , who wants to put a gorgeous man in jail! So when she is called to a break and entering at his pub she is completely surprised that Jake is now a very competent business man. And this time he won't simply let her handcuff and throw him in jail, he wants to be handcuffed to her forever, if only she knew how to trust him.

This was another stunning novella, I loved the character of Jake so very much, the man has been through hell and it shows, but he still pushes to get to the top as best he can, perfect hero material. Kendra was such a heartbreaking character with issues of trust it broke my heart and I cried so, so, so bad!

The read was packed full of emotional heart wrenching romance and all blended with that little bit of passionate danger elements that just makes always makes me go 'Wow, I so want more!"

At the end of the read I took away a message of gaining a person's trust is the hardest thing you can do, you can show them you love them in a million different ways, tell them repeatedly but if you don't allow them to see your trust it will simply never work.

I highly recommend this book for all fans of romance, it was everything readers need from novella's. Short and sweet enough to get to the romance point fast enough but not hurried so that it feels like you missed two chapters. It had such stunning emotional impacts on me as reader that the stories and characters are ones I will always remember each and every time I see a happy couple or a romance blossoming!

5 /5 star review
"In the line of duty is where she wants to be, not in line of losing her heart" 

I look forward to volume two hitting the shelves and hopefully very, very VERY soon!