The Chatsfield ~~ Short Read : The Soldier in Room 286 by Abby Green

The Soldier in Room 286

Reviewed by Desere

Abby Green reads have always been about deep emotion, characters that surprise you when you least expect it and blazing hot heat.

In the her latest read and short read addition to the new Mills and Boon The Chatsfield series, she has once again delivered her unique blend of emotion that makes me cry my eyes out, given me characters that blew me away and a passion so hot the pages practically went up in flames.

The read tells of Natalja, once a war time photographer turned model photographer, she lives a pretty normal everyday life. She shoots pictures of beautiful sensual woman, and well that 's pretty much it. She 's not involved with anyone and the closest relationship she has is with her camera.

But her world is turned up side down when Salim knocks her for a six and promises more than just a night of hot sex or at least that is Natalja's gut feeling. Everyone woman is allowed one wild night , and when morning comes she'll be able to shake the stay with me forever feelings and get on with her life, it's as easy as moving on, she's done it before and she'll do it again.

I very much enjoyed this read, through the characters of Natalja and Salim the author showed that when there is a deep connection with a total stranger there is really no getting away from it.

You can try to run from the feeling, hide it in the back of your mind but it will always still be there. Salim was cold, dark, mysterious and just down right sexy! I loved how the author hinted at him being in hiding, yet he is a famous model and actor, it was a very interesting contradiction which quickly became addictive and I had to dig to find out more.

The character of Natalja was really neat, she is pretty much just like most woman today. Dependent, doing her thing and acting on the odd impulse every now and then, which in the case of this read let's her end up with some pretty spectacular consequences.

I enjoyed reading the story of them meeting, acting on the deep connection and letting the night play out, it was sensual, passionate and had loads of very raw emotion.

I am taking away a message of life will sometimes put you in to the path of something or someone you think might not be destined for you, yet when you have it you will know there is no way you can let it simply go without giving it a shot.

I recommend this read for all Abby Green fans, as always she gave the read her usual dramatic flair and added hot and spicy romance blend.

4.5 star review
" When staying at The Chatsfield things always seem different in the morning light"