The Chatsfield ~~ Short Read : Engagement at The Chatsfield by Melanie Milburne

Engaged at The Chatsfield

Reviewed by Desere

When Juliet shows up to a hen's party weekend at the luxurious Chatsfield, she has no idea her feelings of insecurity will get the better of her. But they do, and quite spectacularly too. She makes up a quick lie about being engaged to her brother's best friend Marcus.

It is just for one weekend , there after she can make it go away right? Wrong! Marcus checks in at the same hotel minutes later. Of course he is outraged, yet silently delighted.

He has always harbored a strong love for Juliet, but held back as who wants to get involved with a woman when her brother warns " Do my little sister and I 'll break your kneecaps".

But when she comes walking out all dressed up and ready to get down and dirty with any guy that looks her way, simply because the engagement is as fake as can be, Marcus is not so dead set on keeping his distance any longer, he wants her naked and screaming his name all night long, friendship loyalty be damned !

This book is the prequel to the brand new Mills and Boon The Chatsfied series and starts us off by taking us behind the doors of rooms that hold great secrets, scandals and passion blazed sheets.

I really loved this read, it was short enough to just, just give me enough glimpse into the Chatsfield world to let me know what type of scandals and hype will be coming in the series.

The focus of the read is of course on our stellar couple Marcus and Juliet and wow what a story ! I fell head over heals in love with Marcus from the minute the man goes all "I' ll save the day' and buys a stunning engagement ring, completely melted my heart on the spot!

Juliet was fun and exciting but also a very sad character, with trying to blend in all the time.  I could understand her reasoning behind it, and it blended in very nicely in bringing her and Marcus together.

The read was short and sweet as can be expected , it is only a prequel, but the author packed all the emotion, passion and intrigue needed to rope me in and make me beg for more, which is never easy to do when a book is only eight chapters long. Well done Melanie!

I am taking away a message of life has it's little this and that moments but when the moment pops up, grab the chance and you might just end up in the arms of the one you have loved all your life.

A fun, passionate, hot and very super sexy read, which I highly recommend !

5/5 star review
"  Real diamond, fake diamond, who cares, this engagement is about to get wild and wonderful"