The Chatsfield ~~ Short Read: Proposal in Room 309 by Joss Wood

Proposal in Room 309

Reviewed by Desere

Joss Wood is one of the those authors that create characters that remain with you for so long, that when you walk around in town and see or hear someone say or do something your mind immediately shouts out "Hey that just like Joss's book!"

In her this her latest addition to the world of romance she does it again and this time around with a heck of a lot more sexy heat! We meet Ben and Joely, they have been together for eighteen months and never been happier.

But Ben wants a ring on Joely's finger and he is determined to do anything to get it done.

But a night at one of the best hotels with the finest champagne, exquisite flower bouquets and mind blowing orgasms is not enough to convince Joely that marriage is a good thing.

For her it will always be nothing but a messy situation that destroys a already perfect relationship, live together, have mind blowing sex each night, laugh and have fun and never ever get married, is all she wants and that 's the way it will stay. That is until a total stranger walks in on Ben and Joely whist they are butt naked !

This was a short story and an addition to the brand new Mills and Boon series The Chatsfield, although short it was left a very big impact on me as reader. I was taken on a journey that shows how very different the opinions of people can be.

Some think that marriage is the ultimate achievement in life while others see it as a recipe for disaster. But even with different opinions in life the author showed through the two main characters and secondary ones that somewhere in between the yes and no cycle is a compromise that will satisfy both parties or even life events that will bring the other person closer to understanding.

Communication between a couple is vital, and no I am not talking about the " Yeah, yeah I hear you" I mean true, deep and meaningful communication where you truly hear the other persons views and try to understand what they are getting at.

I highly enjoyed this book, it was short and sweet yet deep and meaningful and full of loads of hot action and a good dose of humor.

A true bestseller you will not want to miss and the perfect thirty minute escape!

5/5 star review

" Thongs, hot sex, elevator rides you won't forget, champagne, roses, you name it The Chatsfield offers it all, discreetly of course"