The Chatsfield Book One : Sheikh's Scandal by Lucy Monroe

Reviewed by Desere

Sheikh Sayed of Zeena is ready to make the ultimate commitment, marry and be happy, but then suddenly his fiance calls off their engagement.

His 'drowning of sorrows' comes in the form of a hotter than the desert sun night with chambermaid Liyah.

Liyah 's father refuses to acknowledge her and she has had more than just a rough life, so of course getting down and dirty with a sexy irresistible sheikh is just what she needs to forget a road she failed to find a happy ending to.

But in their haste to forget their troubles they forget the most important rule of one night stands, and when morning comes Sayed makes the decision to take Liyah and the possible child she might be bearing back to his home.

And if she is carrying his child the answer will be a simple one of marriage. But will his people except Liyah into their lives and more importantly will Liyah be prepared to marry a man who does not love her?

The character of Sayed was kind, caring, sweet and sensitive and not the over bearing ' I am all powerful and you shall do what ever I want you to do simply because of who I am ' kind. Yes he does all but command Liyah to travel back with him, but he does it is what I found a very gentle manner. I loved that he takes everyone's feeling into consideration, a true gentleman that makes your heart melt with every word. Him not revealing feelings before he is absolutely certain was a stunning touch from the author. It showed that it is always important to never mislead people when we ourselves are not sure of what is going on. Keep it under wraps till you are certain or else only heartache will come, lies are never the answer.

The character of Liyah was the one that broke my heart. I wanted to cry my eyes out for her past and just hug her and tell her that she has a place where she belongs , she just needs to give it time. She was also very strong yet vulnerable at the same time. This showed me that we can all be strong but not so strong that we come off as mean. There is a certain balance needed when trying to show you are not strong enough to break apart at the slightest problem but that you are not made of steal and still have a heart when it comes to other things in life when caring is needed.

I am no big fan of sheikh related reads, but ever so now and then I do find a author that does it all just right. Bringing me a sheikh hero that hits all the right notes, and from now on Lucy Monroe will be on my auto to buy list. I enjoyed the drama unfolding between Sayed and Liyah, it had the right balance of dramatic emotional upsets and romantic passion and that perfect hint of sweetness.

I am taking away a message of life will take us to the one we are meant to be with when we least expect it to happen, and even if seems the forces are against you, hang in there. There is light at the end of the tunnel or in the case of this read there is water at end of a long dry dessert road.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads with a sweet flare and heartfelt emotion.

4.5 star review
" One night of scandalous behavior leads to a lifetime of love, passion and a new life"