Emerald Springs Legacy Series Overview by Various Authors

The Emerald Springs Legacy Continuity

                        This was a absolutely fabulous series! It took me into a magical world 
of mystery, intrigue, passion, romance and a whole lot of stunning 
breath taking life lessons, and tea!

In the first book Adam's Ambition by Monica Tillery we meet Adam and 
Zoe, and learn just how valuable a second chance in life can be. 

In book two Coleen's Choice by Holley Trent  we get a look into the lives of 
Alan and Coleen. The author takes us on a stunning journey of when 
we make choices we need to learn how to handle the consequences.  

In book three Chad's Chance by Ellen Arden I got to meet Chad and Jen. 
The message of life knocks us down when we least expect it, 
in order to show us that we should be doing something else, 
was so vivid and realistic it will forever remain with me.

In book four Daniel's Decision by Nicole Flockton the author crafted a 
beautiful story of how Daniel and Rochelle learn that life is 
not always the perfect image we have in our minds. 

In book five Ashley's Allegiance by Robyn Neely Jacob and Ashley 
learn that not everyone is always as they seem.  
And the final piece of the mystery is slotted into place. 

Each author crafted pure unforgettable magic. With memorable 
characters, remarkable compelling reads and an amazing crafted mystery
that took me till the dying moments of the final book to solve.

I loved each and every one of these fabulous heroines who 
not only learned a little something but brought the hero's to their knees. 

And the hero's, my oh my ladies, each man was such a treat of pure 
delight you will no doubt fall in love with them all or like me 
develop a soft spot for my ultimate favorite Daniel. But hey don't let me 
make up your mind, read the series and find your own hero!

5 Star Series Review

" Emerald Springs where life begins with some tea, a mystery 
      and a promise of love" 

Adam's Ambition                       Colleen's Choice                         Chad's Chance 

                            Daniel's Decision                                  Ashley's Allegiance