Emerald Springs Legacy Series Book Five : Ashley's Allegiance by Robyn Neeley

Ashley's Allegiance
Reviewed by Desere

Ashley's Allegiance is book number five from the Emerald Springs Legacy series. So far I have been over the moon with joy with each book taking me deeper and deeper into this magical land.

I have been in love with the series and the characters from the very first book and each time a contributing author takes me back to ES I fall in love more and more. This time around we meet Ashley, she is dead set on proving she can be every bit as useful to her family's company as her cousins are.

She is not the dolled up cheerleader, always seeking for perfection woman every one thinks her to be, she is hardworking, loyal, has a great mind and most for darn certain does not need rescuing from anyone EVER! But proving it turns out to me more difficult than she thought. And what she so does not need is Deputy Sheriff Jacob Sanders making his arrival on the scene looking a hot and more delicious than ever.

All the man does is infuriate her like no other!  She wants him gone, he distracts her, unnerves her and just plain irritates her. But when a little twist of fate puts Jacob front and center as Ashley's protection, both soon realize that the hatred for each other is actually nothing but pure raw attraction. The question is what will they do about it?

I loved, loved, loved this book! It was so stunning! I was as in the previous reads of this series, lost the magical word of ES. It is not just the landscape the authors have created that draws me in, it is the absolute raw beauty used to describe it all.

Robyn Neeley manged, and yes I did not think it could be done as this is book five already, but believe me Robyn Neeley did make it all even more spectacular. I wanted to climb inside the book and stay there forever, I wanted to touch the grass, hear the birds and feel the magic of the land!

The character of Jacob, was one that I wanted to deck with a good old fashioned head slap, the man was so over protective it drove me nuts! I will be honest and say if I were Ashley I would go first weak at the knees when a man as hot as Jacob wants to go all protective on me, and then yes when it get's a little too much I would also want to run for the hills. Yet, as the author crafted the character to me as reader I took to heart the message that we all are pretty much just like Jacob. We will do everything we can to protect those we love, we might not know we love them, but we still know we don't want to see them hurt.

The character of Ashley was really, really cool! I loved this woman from the get go! She has this fighting spirit that is so strong and can make even the weakest of people in the world want to get up and fight! Of course I did want to knock some sense in to her at one particular point, but I was so very overjoyed when the author let's her see the light and then a very fun part let's her get down and dirty( read the book and find out what I mean).

I am taking away a message of people in our lives will always do what they think is best to protect us. Yes it makes us frustrated, but if and when this happens to you, take a moment to step back and think what the reasons are that makes them think we need to be protected from something. Have you maybe portrayed yourself in a such a manner that you seem fragile? And always remember to dig deep when you get the urge to protect someone, the person might just not be what you seem to think they are.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of reading, it was fun, exiting, passionate and I did not want it to end!

5/5 star review
" Allegiance comes in all shapes and forms, even the covered in mud kind"