Love, In Writing by Elsa Winckler

Love, In Writing

Reviewed by Desere

It all starts with a very sexy dress, an elevator and two writers. Margaret, believes in happy ever afters and Graham believes that true love doesn't exist.

But pretty soon this read very much proves that the old saying 'opposites attract' is very true, and this read goes from 'I want you attraction' to full out scorching hot 'I am yours forever' with loads of crazy fun, sizzling hot passion and emotional drama along the way.

Graham is not the perfect romantic hero Margaret believes she needs and Margaret is for all 'useful' purposes a good distraction from Graham's everyday 'save the world one sci-fi twist at a time' life.

And by the time the relationship is in full swing it comes down to either accept each other or walk away all together, but choosing the right road is not as easy as sitting down and writing the perfect ending.

This read was one of those that makes me wish I could find a way to climb inside the book and stay in the author's magical world forever. From the start of the read I was lost in a world of romantic perfection and love found when hope seemed lost.

The character of Margaret was very delightful and fun to read, I liked her strong believe in happy ever afters. Most people would say she goes through life seeing everything through rose colored lenses, but for me as reader I saw her as someone that prefers to block out the bad in life by believing in the good of everything.

Instead of focusing on being alone like most single woman do, Margaret focuses her energy on believing that there is someone out there for her. Yes, I will say that believing the someone will be the perfect hero is by far not the right approach, but I also feel that this showed the character as a most woman are, you want to believe that your hero will be perfect in every way, but this is just because you have never had the REAL deal and thus you don't know about making exceptions or adjusting to the one you're with. You need to be able to realize the difference between reality and fantasy, don't get stuck in your own world. Take the dare to step outside the box every now and then.

The character of Graham was a real idiot, one of those hero's that as reader makes you just want to stuff him inside a room and play love songs over and over to make him see the happy side of life. But as the author dug deeper into his past I could see just why he is so dead set on not believing in real love, and it broke my heart. I bawled my eyes out when the author took me into his past, the hurt, the anger and raw pain he had to face brought me to tears over and over again.

Him being against love due to his past pain reminded me that all of us at some stage take the pain from the past and use our own methods to deal with it, for him he buries himself in a world with twists and turns that in reality only makes his life filled with more twists and turns that just as in real life won't let him ever find the ending. One needs to leave the past behind and stop trying to force the road to go according to our way.

A very awesome touch to this read was the look into the world of author's. I really enjoyed how the author let me into the world of the authors in this read, I got to experience the in depth emotion they pour into their work, the raw need that gets packed into creating the perfect characters and the world they see in their minds. And best of all was how authors use their own experiences from life and those they meet to form their stories.

I am taking away so many wonderful messages from this read, but the one that stood out the most is definitely that when we think we can make our lives exactly like the images in our heads we will fail each and every time , the trick is to let life takes it's course and use what it gives us to build the best life we can, or in the case of this read, write our own story and learn to appreciate the bumps on the road to happiness along the way.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of true raw emotion filled reads. It had everything us reading fans could ask for, passion, heartfelt romance and a realistic dramatic ending that packed that super wow factor into the read.

I can with all honesty say that this book left me having to force myself back to my own real world, I wanted to remain inside the magic the author created and experience it all over again and again and again! Read this book you will not be sorry!

5/5 star review
"Fantasy meets reality sending imagination into overdrive"