A Doctor for Keeps by Lynne Marshall

A Doctor for Keeps

Reviewed by Desere

Desdemona has never known much about her family , but the time has come for her to discover the what's and why's she has always wanted to know.

She doesn't count on her grandmother's sexier than sin neighbor to knock her off her feet, or to crawl into her heart so deeply she won't be able to let him go.  But she is a mover and shaker and getting up and going forward to find the answers she seeks is her only priority, so a little distraction she can handle but sticking around, no way!

Dr Kent Larson's number one priority in life is caring for his son, and never ever will he allow is son to be hurt again but the departure of a woman in his life. Been there, done it all, got the hurt -t-shirt to prove it. But his feelings towards Desdemona are ones he simply cannot control. All he has to do is show her that staying with them is where she's meant to be.

This was such a wonderful, kind, caring and totally sweet read about two people who have both been hurt and are seeking healing. They find it in each other's arms, but as in real life not everything is a simple as it seems.

Desdemona understandably wants answers to her past, as I am sure if we don't know what or where the links are to our past, we would all grab at any and every chance we get to dig as deep as possible. Everyone deserves to know. So I could fully understand the author letting the character have this overwhelming need to keep moving.

The character of oh so very sexy Dr Kent Larson was such a sweetheart of a man ,who really did not deserve any of hurt he has been through and continues to go through once Desdemona steps in to his live. I felt his pain over and over again as the author weaved him in to a man who is cautious because of his past but at the same time really wants that happy ever after so badly he can taste it.

I am taking away a message of life has a way to steer us towards the directions and places we think we are meant to be at, but when we get there and we hit roadblocks that seem to be able to hold us back, don't go running at the first opportunity. Just maybe it is the time to take a closer look at the roadblock. It might seem like a hurdle you don't need but what if it is exactly what you need to find peace? Always see things from someone else's perspective, don't just keep staring on your own road, take that turn-off every now and then, it might just lead to something far better that what you have been searching for.

I recommend this read for all fans of sweet and sensual romance reads. And a definite bonus, it was written by one of the best authors of our time so you know you can't go wrong!

4.5 star review
" Her search has come to an end, all she needs to do is see it"