The Chatsfield ~~ Short Read : The Couple in the Dream Suite by Marguerite Kaye

The Couple in the Dream Suite

Reviewed by Desere

World world one just as many other wars of our time, caused loss, confusion, tragedies no one ever wants to speak of again and countless broken hearts.

In this short read, author Marguerite Kaye adds in her two cents for the brand new Mills and Boon The Chatsfield series, and took me not only on a journey of love but one of healing during a time the world seemed at it's cruelest.

The read tells of Justin and Vera, they both have love and lost a piece of themselves during the war, and it seems one magical night will help them both to simply forget it all for a few hours. But once morning light comes Vera is all about forever, only Justin pushes her away, and it seems that happy ever after for these two will never happen.

I really loved the character of Justin, he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which after what he has gone through is completely understandable. In my line of work I deal with war hero's suffering from the very same each and every minute of every day, so I am always a little skeptical to read romance books that have a relation to PTSD.  I always fear I will not pick up on the full impact it has on a person's life, or that the author will not let me in on the very raw heartache and despair that the men and woman from war have to face when the war ends.

I am delighted to say the author totally nailed it all, I felt Justin's anger, hurt and despair and it crawled deep into my soul. I wanted to grab him, hold him tight and just help him. And Vera oh my Vera was such a stunning character that totally amazed me with her strength.

I am taking away a message of life is cruel and unkind, and most of the time we never understand why it happens. But there is always hope and a chance for healing, but you need to let that one special person in to your world of darkness in order to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

I recommend this read for anyone and everyone who loves a good romance set against a stunning roaring twenties backdrop setting. It was all simply magically brought to life !

4.5 star review
" The dreams within a suite takes a step outside the doors"