Flirting with the Forbidden by Joss Wood

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a big, big, big fan of Joss Wood's books. I have read them all, fallen in love each and every time and been amazed and in awe of how stunning the stories are that she creates.  Each book just as lovely as the one before.

In Flirting with the Forbidden she again gave me the kind of characters you want to hug to make it better, she gave me beautiful backdrops that blew me away, and had me wishing I could be right there to experience it all.

But the most important thing she gave me this time around, was a totally kick ass awesome story! And those kind are the very best and my addiction!  The kind that leaves you breathless, begging for more, not wanting the book to end and with every page it just keeps getting better and better.

The book tells of Morgan, princess to the world of diamonds. Her life comes under threat and who better to protect her than sexy, sexy, sexy bad ass protect-me-all-night-long Noah Fraser. Of course both Morgan and Noah are so attracted to each other that all the water in the ocean cannot douse the flames, but Noah is a professional and he never gets involved with his clients, Morgan on the other hand wants him and won't back down till she has him.

As I have already said this story was AMAZING, the author created the perfect balance of super sexy heat and completely drained me emotionally. I was heartbroken for Morgan and Noah both, and I could not get enough of the way the author let me in to both their minds. I hung onto each and every word and yes my both was gaping open quite a number of times, which I can tell you had the people around me staring like I was a complete idiot, I did not care one bit, I was only too happy to get lost in the world of Noah , Morgan and the beautiful mind of Joss Wood.

I am not as per usual going to go into detail on each character because I really want each and every reader to read this book. I will say this, the message I took from this book was a common one that all of us are know all too well, but the author's reminder was just what we all need to bring us back down to earth. Don't bottle up your feelings, or hide from your problems. The longer you hide the worse it will get, face up to it and if there is a chance for someone to support you no matter what the issues are you face, grab it with both hands because it for darn sure won't come along every day.

I highly recommend this book for all fans of romance. It was super sexy, loads of crazy fun and all wrapped up perfectly with this author's signature blend of romance meets reality. Thank you Joss Wood for letting me into that beautiful, creative mind of your's.

PS Our secondary characters James and Riley were just as hot as main characters Noah and Morgan and I cannot wait for the author to bring us their story!

5/5 star review
" Bad ass soldier gets tempted by the world's most valuable diamond"